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Best niches for blogging in 2020 for beginners

Niche of blogging is more important than a blog itself. It decides the condition, ranking, and need of a blog.
So, before starts blogging it’s compulsory to decide a niche for your blogging.

Niche plays an important role in blogging but it depends upon you that which Niche will you choose Technical or education or traveling or music or many others. On behalf of all these niches, the good thing is that you are free to choose any one of them in which you are interested.


After Health the second trending niche for blogging is the Tech. Tech means technical or technology. Except few terms, all every terms like doctor, music, construction, industries, computers each and every thing is related to technology.

Even the doctors as they use many devices for the treatment of patients is connected with technology. The mobile phone or desktop or Ipad in your hand is the best example of technology.

Out of every 10 person 6 of them search for technical keywords on the Internet. It means you choose technology as your niche then it will be very good for you.


Gaming is also an important niche for blogging that you choose. In these modern time every youth life depends on Gaming that may be Indoor or Outdoor or Football or cricket either  PC game or PUBG Mobile or free fire.

Many youth who are addicted of Gaming search for the hacks, tricks, ways of better gaming and they use their free time for making a research on it.

So, I wanna tell you that Gaming is also an important platform that you can choose for your blogging.


Travel blog is a blog in which you have to tell about the travelling places like 7 wonders , hilly areas, best beaches and many more things. You have to post an amazing content about travelling by posting photos, videos etc.. 

In travel blog, the blogger tells about the place that he used to visit by making videos and posting photos so that people can catch their post. If you are interested in visiting the places, hilly areas, mountains, beaches then Travel blog will proves an opportunity for you.


Education is also an important niche that you can choose for blogging. You all knows the importance of education and need of an Education in every individual life. So, Eduaction is also a better option for choosing it as a Niche of blogging.

You can post some educational concept on your blog. Post articles on the topic on which you have deep knowledge. Try to teach everyone with the help of your blog. There are many online teaching platform so be in one of them.


You can choose cooking as a niche for your blog. It’s also trending. People from different regions of different countries visit on Google to search how they can make cookies.
If you know about cooking then you can create a blog on it.


You can choose blogging as your niche. Many new blogger like you search for blogging , tips for blogging, niches for  blogging or how to earn from blogging or how to get traffic on website or SEO and many more things.

So, you can choose it as your niche. Share your views and experience on your related to blogging.


Being fit is a need for every youngsters as well as old age people. But due to lack of instruction and guide they can not start. Many people search on google for fitness, weight loss, height increase but they don’t get a perfect answer.

You can share tips about wight loss, yoga for weight loss, tips to increase height, how to do gym etc..


You can share and guide many students through blogging. You can aware them about exams, schedule of exams, projects etc.. 
You can guide them how to study, what to study, importance of learning the concepts etc..


You can write a blog on coding for different coding language like java, python, C , C++, java script etc..
You can choose any language in which you are an expert and you can share your views, ideas, tricks, platform to practice coding etc..


Music is the entertaining source for everyone. Many person keep interest in learning music and dancing from all over the world. So, you can choose it as a niche for your blog.


You can choose Hacking as a niche. It is mostly learned by the youth of world.

You can share tips and tricks of hacking, how to use Linux, best platform to learn ethical hacking and many more things related to hacking.


Motivation is something that teach humans to don’t quit.

Such niches is required to every person and nobody can ignore it.

In motivation you can share motivational quotes, thoughts, stories etc…

Many people were addicted to watch and listen success stories, So you can starts a blog on that.


Health is the most selected niche in past few years it is because every one in their daily life suffers some physical problem and before concerning with a doctor they prefer to search it on Google. And you can be one of them.

Among 760 crores of population everyone suffer with some diseases in their life and they try to find its cure on Google which is quite interesting for bloggers like you.


You can create a blog where you give reviews on new products.

Before purchasing any electronic gadgets every one visits Google for reviews on that product.

You can give reviews on Mobile phones, Laptops, Games, etc…


It is also an opportunity for those who have knowledge about Finance and works in Banks.

You can guide your visitors, so that they can take good decision.


Fashion is something that attracts everyone and most people is addicted of it.

You can help others by posting articles on new fashion, looks, design, etc…


Everyone rides vehicles in their life and have a dream to buy a vehicle isn’t it ?

You can guide people by telling them which vehicle is better, its milage, capacity, lifetime, etc…

You can also compare between 2 or more vehicle and give your reviews on that.


Now, we go through 17 best niches to starts a blog in 2020.

Now it depends on you which topic you put up.

Always remember no any topic is easy to handle or easy to write articles on it.

You think a topic is easy and you have lots of ideas in your mind at a time but after writing on those topics once again your mind gets empty, and your selected niches will be as a new niche for you.

So, it’s better to take time and decide on which niches you can write better.

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