How to earn money with Quora

Quora is a website and a platform of asking question and giving answers to a question.

Quora is an American Website formed in 2009, with the aim of asking question.

Anyone can ask their question on it and can also give answers to someone else question.

Many professionals were available on Quora to answer a question on time. Daily traffic on Quora is in a million as a huge number of people log in on quora and share their views on it and that’s why Alexa’s rank of Quora is 366 and varies between 80 to 400. Once quora got an Alexa ranking of 80 which is very impressive.

The Alexa ranking of a website describe about the authority and traffic of a website and google is at first position always.

How Quora Works

Working on quora is very simple and effective.

To ask a question or to give an answer to a question, first of all you have to log in on Quora without logging in you can only see the answer of a question.

You can login on Quora with your gmail or facebook account.

When you get logged in on quora, you can ask a question or you can give answer to a question and you can also upvote(like) an answer on it.

Spaces is created on Quora by it’s users it mostly like a group of facebook. You can share your answer in a space or you can ask question in

space. In space you can find number of people with same topic interest at a single place and you can share your views there.

How to earn with Quora

1- By Joining Quora Partner Program

Quora is platform of earning but only few people knows about it. You can earn with quora by joining Quora Partner Program.

Anyone can join quora partner program but there is a condition that your content views on quora must be at lest 100K otherwise you are not eligible to join it.

You can earn at least 300$ per month with quora by asking question on it and the best point is that there is no limit of your earnings on quora it all depends upon you that how much you can earn per day or per month.


What you have to do to start earning on quora ?

When your views reached 100K then quora send you a mail to join Quora Partner Program, and you have to join it. Now when you ask a question on quora then quora will provide you some dollars on each question (depending on its quality and followers of the question.)

You can ask any number of question you want but keep in mind don’t try to ask spam question or repeated questions.

Your single quality question can give you a huge amount of money for lifetime, so always try to ask unique questions.

2- By giving Backlinks

Another option is that if you are getting high views on your quora account then you can charge for backlinks(link to a website from your articles to get send traffic on that website)

If you are a blogger then quora may provide huge benefits to you like the best topics to write articles, active backlinks, etc… another benefit is that such backlinks always remain active.

Quora also give an opportunity to create your own image in the World by sharing your answers and by asking questions. You can easily starts your earnings on Quora.

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