On Page SEO Guide

On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO ?

On Page SEO means all the optimizations which takes place on page itself like quality content, Keyword research, Putting long tail keyword, Internal Linking, Heading, Title of the blog, Tags and Description.

All the above categories falls under On Page s e o(Search Engine Optimization). As the name itself explains that the optimization will be On Page and you don’t have to optimize anything outside the page.

On Page SEO is used to rank the blog on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Page. It is also used to drive heavy traffic on the blog.

By Using On Page SEO anyone can easily grow their traffic and domain rating of blog too which help in monetizing the blog. What is  On Page Optimization techniques ? which you can use in yours page optimization. To know continue your readings.

On Page Optimization Checklist

Quality of Content

Quality of content on your blog must be unique and Fascinating. Always remember the quote “Content is the King”. It means that that content is everything in blogging. If yours content quality is too good then you don’t have any need of any other optimization. Google itself Rank your blog gradually as Google have their own rules and changes at a particular interval of time.

So, First of all focus on your content quality if it is good then everything is fine.

Keyword Research

It means that you have to researches on your topic and you have to find those keywords which are mostly used to search the topic.

For example- If you are writing a blog on Affiliate Marketing, Now you have to do Keyword research like on which keywords your blog can rank, on which keywords competition is less, difficulty of a keyword. And you also have to use those keywords in your content which are frequently used like Meaning of Affiliate Marketing, How much I can earn through Affiliate Marketing, best affiliate programs, what is meaning of Affiliate, etc… 

These all will enhance your blog traffic as if any person try to find answer on Google related to keywords that you have used then Google will also show your blog.

Best tools for Keyword researches 

1- Google Trends

2- AnswerThePublic

3- Keyword Shitter

4- Ahrefs Keyword Generator

5- Keyword Surfer

Long Tail Keyword

It is generally used in On Page SEO. It means that keyword with some long words. Let’s understand it with an example ?

As you are writing a blog on Affiliate Marketing, now long tail keyword of Affiliate Marketing is What is the meaning of Affiliate Marketing, Why Affiliate Marketing, Demand of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 like that.

Are you understanding ? You just have to make your keyword long by adding some words before it and after it.

People generally used to search long tail keywords on Google. Take an example of yourself You have make a search for” What is On Page SEO “ instead of “On Page SEO” you can consider it as a human behavior but the fact is long tail keyword is used for searches on Google.

Internal Linking

When you put a link in your blog which points to your own blog then such linking is called Internal Links. In simple terms a link for yourself by yourself.

In internal linking you have to put a link of your own blog in any blog. This is used to stop the traffic on your own page and makes them surrounds on your own page for long duration. This improves your traffic and blog views.

Internal Linking is very simple and easy to handle and widely used by all the bloggers.

Title Of the Blog ?

This is also an On Page SEO it means that to use scuh title of your blog which have less competition, whose keyword difficulty is less and easily ranks on Google.

Title of the blog is also an important term as your blog will appear on search engine if yours title matches with searched keywords. Title of the blog must tell about everything that you have written in your blog. It means that A good title predicts everything inside the content.


Description means starting line of your blog or each paragraph of your blog. When you are going to post your blog then you have option for Description.

Description is used to tell summary of the blog. Means that your blog content moves around your Description.

Suppose you have searched for “what is Affiliate Marketing” then the content written just down of website URL is the Description of that blog. SO it’s also necessary to choose such description which force reader to visit your blog too.

Image Optimization

Using image in your blog is a way to stop and attracts visitors on your page. Image helps in understanding the whole concept very easily. It also helps the viewers to easily analyze the content of the blog. Hence using image on blog is important.

But you must have to optimize yours images before use. It means that you have keep the size of an image in between 15 Kb to 150 Kb and not more than 150 Kb. This will helps you in loading your page at faster speed.

Suppose if you have used 2 images in your blog of size 800 Kb then it will take more time to load. And if your page takes more time to load then it will irritate the viewers and they try to leave your page suddenly and this will create a bad impression on your blog.

So, always use those images whose size is very less and clear.

For example you can see the image given below and you can choose any one the condition and you can also see the size of the image.

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