10 Best Idea To Drive Heavy Traffic On new Blog

Many bloggers face these difficulties of driving traffic to their websites but due to lack of information they didn’t. So, here is the full guide on “10 best ideas to drive heavy traffic on new blog”.

Everyone starts blogging for 2 purposes either for sharing information or to earn money.

But Blogging is one the best way of online earning. There are more other techniques to earn from blogging to know more click on How to earn from blogging? Traffic on the blog decides the ranking of your post on Google Search engine. If your blog drives more traffic then your blog will rank to the first page on Google.

Traffic on a blog also decided the Earnings of the blogger means that earning is totally depends upon traffic whatever method you have used for earning either affiliate or Adsense or something else so to know how do I drive traffic to my blog 2020?

Dive heavy traffic

There are 2 types of traffic.

1- Organic Traffic – The traffic which is free of cost is known as organic traffic. On-page SEO , Off page SEO etc.. are free of cost.

2- Inorganic Traffic – The traffic which is paid is known as inorganic traffic. Email marketing, Affiliate marketing etc.. are the paid.

Here is the 10 ways to drive heavy traffic.

Techniques to grow traffic to websites 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the first step to get traffic to your website for free. An SEO technique is free of cost and one of the most popular techniques.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By making use of SEO like On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO you can increase traffic to your website is free. And gradually it will also help to rank your website.

It is the best way to drive heavy traffic.

Write Quality Content 

Always use to write high-Quality Content it will help you a lot in driving traffic to your site. if your content is pretty good then traffic automatically comes to your website without doing any other tricks for getting traffic. Content is the soul of any blog it and it always matters in getting traffic and in the ranking of the website on Google’s first page.

If your Content is nice then visitors of your website will stay on your page and try to read each and every word then it will create a good impact on Google. Always try to hold the visitors of your page for more than 40 Sec. It means that your content is really nice and people is reading and happy with your content.

Social Networks 

Social media is the best platform for making aware of your blog to the people. On social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter you can share your post so that everyone knows about your blog and visit on it. It can provide better traffic to your blog or website.

In my view, you can use Twitter as a social media platform as you can directly mention your link in a post on twitter. Many professionals use twitter rather than Facebook or Instagram.

You can also use Pinterest as a platform and share the images of the blog over there and tell them about your blog it will let everyone aware of your blog.

Create Backlinks 

Backlinks mean links from other sites to your site. Some backlinks are free and some backlinks are paid. If you are new to blogging then you can go for free backlinks only. For backlinks, you can go to someone website mention your website details in their content, or send an email to them to mention your website URL in their blog. To create links to your blog.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console 

Submit your website to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Both wills help to rank your website on Google. The second benefit is that the google crawler will easily find your website and can see your page and content of your website.


It is the best platform to drive traffic to your website. Create an account on Quora and try to mention the link to your website or blog in the answers of quora. Many people asked questions on Quora related to each and every topic and answers to those questions which are related to your blog and mention the link to your blog. The people who visit your quora answer will also visit your website. This will improve your ranking and traffic to your blog.

Social Sharing Buttons 

Always mention sharing buttons like Twitter, facebook, Instagram, youtube so that interested persons can share your blog on all the platforms. Sharing is better options for getting traffic to any blog so don’t forget to mention sharing buttons on your blog.

Internal Links 

Internal links mean links on your own blog for your anther blog. It means a self-link. Use internal links in all your blog. Suppose you are writing a post then mention a link in that post to another post that belongs to yours. This will improve your traffic. The above anchor text keyword SEO is the best example of Internal linking.

Guest post

Always allow guest posts it means that someone else can write a post on your blog. It doesn’t mean that your blogs belong to theirs, you will remain as the owner of blog.

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research means you have to research for the keywords of your post. It means what are the important terms that must in your post of a blog. There are many online tools available for Keyword Research like semrush, ahrefs etc.. You can get the keywords from these tools to increase traffic on your blog. If you are a new blogger then choose those keywords which have low competition.

Promote Your Blog 

It’s your first work after creating a website and writing a blog. You can promote your blog just by sharing it on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, and requesting your friends to share it over.

Improve Your Page 

It is important to improve your page means when someone clicks on your blog then it’s loading time will be less. If it takes a long time more than 7-8 sec then visitors will not visit your blog and suddenly clicks on the quit button. So, improve your loading time.

Paid techniques to increase traffic 


Advertisement is a technique to increase traffic to your website but it is totally paid. In the advertisement, you have to pay and in return, the website will be shown as an advertisement on the various platforms so that people could know about your website. You can run your site as Ads on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook to get more traffic to your website.

Create Paid Backlinks 

You can create heavy traffic by creating backlinks on other websites of the same niche. After SEO the backlink is the most popular way to grow traffic. In paid backlinks, your post URL is mentioned on that post or on that site which gains heavy traffic.

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