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Best Tips for blog growth

Hey, are you excited to know best tips for blog growth?

Then your journey ends here. I am going to share all my strategies with you for blog growth.

I grow my blog within a few months after starts. I am totally a newbie in blogging but gradually all my hard work and consistency put my blog in a competitive list.

So here are the 15 best tips

Length of Content

Don’t get confused. Your content size may not create an impression on viewers but it creates a huge impact on Search Engines.

If the size of the content is large means it consists of at least 900 to 1600 words then it can easily rank on search engines.

It also increases user readability time on the page. And you better know how user readability time matters for search engines.

A user readability time indicates how viewers are engaged with your content.

According to some researches, it is proved that the Search Engine prefers to rank those contents that have at least 900 to 2000 keywords.

So, always write content more than 900 words.

keywords in Content

I am sure that you are familiar with the keywords but not with its importance.

To rank a blog, keywords play an important role. Keywords decide when will your blog appear on Search Engine and what will be traffic on it.

Suppose you are writing a blog on Affiliate Marketing then you must do keyword research on it from any SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google trends, ubbersuggest’s, Alexa, etc..

Keywords research will give you an idea about what content you must have to mention in your blog and on which keyword your blog will rank.

So, use those keywords whose SEO difficulty is either easy or in Medium but don’t go for hard otherwise you have to create huge backlinks and have to wait more than a year to rank it on Google Search Engine.

Popular Post

Give a section of the popular posts on the landing page of your blog.

It will force users to see what is the content inside the popular post and due to which reason, the post becomes popular?

As users are very keen to know some popular things and popular content.

As popular post indicates that there is something good content in the blog that’s why viewers make it popular.

And the user will click on popular posts to see the contents inside it. So, in this way you can increase your views on your blog.

Quality Backlinks

Shocked by seeing backlinks?

Yes, these backlinks help you in getting traffic on your blog.

Backlinks mean linking your page on someone else pages so that their traffic can also visit your blog.

It can rank your post (however it is either good or bad) on Search Engine if you have Quality Backlinks. As I have seen some of the contents on Search Engine which have no proper information but still ranks to 1 to 3rd position due to High-Quality Backlinks created on the post.

Do you know How to Create Backlinks?

But keep in mind, always get backlinks from those websites who have a good Domain Rating (at least 15 and above).

It can improve the overall performance of your Website and it’s ranking on Alexa too.

Getting backlinks from the website who have less Domain Rating may reduce your Domain ratings.

So try to get backlinks through a good website with DR and having good authority.

Landing Page

A page on which user comes first when they visit your blog is known as Landing Page.

Basically Home is the landing page for 99% of blogs.

It creates an impression on the users. If they like your landing page then they wish to visit some other pages of your blog and if your landing page is not fascinating then they may leave the blog suddenly and it creates a bad impact on the Search Engine.

So, Design a fascinating and attractive Landing Page.

Social Sharing

It is an option open for each and everyone for free.

Must share your blog on social media after posting it on your website so that your audience could get it easily.

In the past few years Quora, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the 3 top social sites by which getting traffic is quite easy.

You must go for it as it charges nothing to share. It will increase your post views and sharing too.

Every newbie starts social sharing even I too, to increase views of a post.

Create pages on social sites and ask them(friends and interested people) to join the page. It will help you in creating a community of people related to your niches and then it might be easy to get views from social sharing.

tips for blog growth

Try to create your audience on social sites like on Instagram by creating a profile related to niches on which you will post the content related to your niches so that audience could Recognise you and your work.

It will help you a lot but surely it takes time (4 to 9 months) to create audiences and followers. So, don’t panic just do it.

You can also connect millions of people on LinkedIn as there is no limitation for connection and you can share your post there. As LinkedIn works for Professional account. You can drive huge traffic from LinkedIn to your website for free.

And don’t forget to mention social sharing options on your posts.

By Doing SEO 

If you are a blogger then you must aware of SEO and it’s a role in blogging and if you don’t then just read the content.

In general terms, SEO means optimization of a page to improve it’s ranking on Search Engines.

Without doing SEO you can not rank. If you think about backlinks then the backlink is also a step in SEO.

SEO includes- Quality Content, backlink, description, tags settings, the title of the blog, Advertisement, etc..

It is a pillar in blogging on which website stands. Now you can imagine it’s role and importance.

So, never post articles without doing all SEO’s otherwise you are going to lose something better.

If you are a newbie and you post article by doing all it’s SEO’s then not suddenly but gradually your post will rank up to a top page on Search Engines and you don’t have to concern for it.

Google has their own strategy to rank a post but all they want to see in a post is the content with SEO and if you have done it before then you don’t have to worry about it.

SEO also helps you in earning money with AdSense As well as Affiliate Marketing.

Website Design and Fonts

It is the thing that matters for viewers before reading the articles and you must have to agree with this point. So, design your website very carefully and make it user-friendly not full of ads.

Design a website related to your niches and check it all view for mobile, laptop, and tablet.

Customize your website very carefully and mention all necessary terms like enable all comments, give an option for subscribing by email, sitemaps, etc…

You can have a look at the landing page of my blog Techontimes.

Another important term is the font. There are some fonts that attract viewers easily.

For example- I have used Poppins fonts in this post and I like it. And Georgia too on blogger.

So, choose a better font and design, also check it before you publish something.

Support your Audience

Reply to all the comments on your post to raise engagement with your supporters.

Solve all the queries of your followers on the Social Site platform so that they can support your post on your blog.

Be pleasant to everyone and ask more people to join you.

Try to persuade your audience by posting nice articles, by solving their queries, by helping them, by providing them unique and quality content.

Tips for blog growth

Allow Guest Posting

How to grow a blog with Guest Post? Guest post will help you a lot in fact it can save your precious time of creating articles.

The first benefit is the person writing a guest post on your blog will pay you.

By guest posting, you don’t have to waste your time writing articles. All you need is to create backlinks and promote your blog.

You can get amazing content by using Allowing guest posts daily and you don’t have to wander for it. And Don’t take it as a headache means you are not forced to post all the content of the Guest Post.

You can change, edit and you can also remove any guest post from your blog. If you find it annoying and if someone claims copyright on the guest post then just remove their post from your blog and the problem is solved.

In the guest posting, everything is in your hand. If you like my content then you can share it with your friends.

Micro Niche Website

Best part of micro niche website is that it ranks faster than other niche websites. Do you know what is micro niche ?

As its overall focus is on a single topic and gradually covers each and every concept related to that topic(micro-niche) which helps viewers to understand the topic in very depth and they were forced to follow your blog to know something more interesting.

One of the other merits of the micro niche is that it covers all the concepts in 25 to 30 post. Means that in 25 to 30 post all your topic will come to and end and these post will give you traffic for lifetime. It is a one-time investment for a lifetime.

So try to choose a mirco niche and write for it.

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