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Content Marketing? 7 best Tips and Strategies

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a form of digital marketing in which valuable and relevant content is created and distributed to various platforms (platforms maybe a blog, website, YouTube, and social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… ) and earns by monetizing it.

In Content Marketing, content may be in the form of either text, video, audio, infographic, etc… or anything by which the audience can get some knowledge, information, ideas, and something to learn.

Why strategic approach?

It is a strategic approach in which content is created consistently and distributed. Do you know why consistent? As consistency is used to attract the audience on your platform. If you are consistent and your content is valuable then the audience will show their interest in your content and wait for it.

Do you know?

The content must be relevant. If the content is relevant then the audience will surely like and comment on it and have a greater chance to share it too. This will surely grow traffic and engagement on your platform.

Tips – Focus on a single niche and try to target your audience.

Why Content Marketing?

Now, a question arises why should we do content marketing? As we all know other forms of digital marketing which are also good and effective.

So, here are the best reason for doing content marketing.

1- In today’s generation of the Internet, people are switching to blogs, YouTube, and Social Sites for the latest updates or news. Now, they are not relying on TeleVision and Newspapers but on the content of blogs, YouTube, and Social Sites.

So, it is a better opportunity for you attract them by using your relevant and valuable content on your platform and grow your business.

2- By targeting a specific micro niche or topic you can grow your audience and persuade them to buy your product.

3- With the help of Content Marketing blog you can do brand awareness. Means you can grow your own brand and you can scale your business.

4- Content Marketing will give you an opportunity to distribute your content in each and every corner of the World with the help of the Internet. This means that by sitting in a single place, the whole world can see you and read your blogs.

5- It gives you an opportunity to communicate and interact with a huge audience while sitting on your chair and you can easily guide them to the best one.

Content Marketing will makes you feel like “You are Everywhere” in the World

Types of Content Marketing-

Here are the some types of Content Marketing that you choose to start your marketing.

1- Blog Content Marketing

2- YouTube Content Marketing

3- Social Media Content Marketing

4- Infographics Content Marketing

5- Video Content Marketing

The above 5 are the main types of Content Marketing, there are several more like interviews, eBooks, case studies, webinars, etc…

7 Strategy for Content Marketing?

Here are the 7 best strategies for content marketing. These all will help you to grow from bottom to top either in the case of audience or in the case of sale. These 7 best strategies may help you to grow from zero to 100.

1- Social Sharing

Social Sharing will help you to attract yours social media friend’s on your platform. It is an easy and quick way to get traffic.

As people start to share the content if they like it and once sharing starts on social media it will never stop and you can get highlighted in a day or week.

2- Consistency

Being consistent is the key success in content marketing. Consistency will help your search engine and audience to recognize you.

Consistency will leads to high quality results and better improvement gradually. It will helps you in achieving your goal and success.

3- Keyword research

Keyword Research will help you in getting the exact terms related to the topic.

Let’s understand with an example- Suppose you are going to create content on Digital Marketing, content may be blog or video. Now if you do keyword research on digital marketing then you will find terms like Tools, strategy, services, salary, types, Ideas, tips, courses, etc… of digital marketing. These keywords will help you to grow up your content easily.

Digital Marketing Checklist

4- Engagement

Here, engagement means how much time your audience is spending on your platform. If they are spending more time then it means that your audience is highly engaged otherwise low.

This high engagement will create a positive impact on search engines and search engines (like Google) will gradually put your content on the top of the search page. This will improve traffic on the content and sales too. So try to increase engagement with the audience.

5- Update the Content

Updating the content is also a necessary step. It gives better clarity to the audience and readers. When you update the content on daily basis then it will surely create a positive impact on your audience. Your audience automatically finds out that you are working for them and doing your best.

Now your audience will starts giving you value by promoting your content.

6- Target the correct audience

Targeting audience is quite well but targeting the correct audience is very – very effective.

Let’s understand with an example- Suppose there are 2 people named A and B and you are targeting both of them. Person A is a blogger and Person B is a gamer and you are using YouTube as a platform for content marketing and usually uploads videos on blogging. When you will release a video on Youtube you will see that person A who is a blogger will give a positive response towards your video whereas person B will surely ignore it.

This is because person A belongs to your niche and if you send him the affiliate links of hosting, domains, etc… it’s an 80% chance that he can purchase by using your link.

And if you send the same link to B then he will ignore and delete your message. It is totally waste of time. Try to understand the psychology.

So always target the correct audience.

7- Set a Goal

Content marketing goal describe your destiny and . Your goal, let your audience decide whether it is good to be with you or not.

If your goal is good and helping then you will not automatically but gradually become successful in your life.. So, always set a goal and work hard to achieve it.

This 7 best strategies will help you a lot.

Always Remember- “Content is the king”

How to start Content Marketing?

You can easily starts your content marketing without making a single delay.

1- Choose a platform

Choose any platform where you will publish your content. Platform may be YouTube, Blogging, Social Media, etc…

Try to find out where you can give your best and choose it wisely. If you can do better in the front of camera then i will suggest you YouTube and if you can do better and explain deeply in writing then go for blogging and many more.

2- Niche

Niche is a particular keyword on which you are going to create your content. Niche may be blogging, news, updates, unboxing, comparison, tech, gadgets, etc…

3- Create Content

Start creating content on the your niche. Content must be unique and effective so that your audience could learn something new and interesting from your content.

4- Publish Content

Publish your content so that anyone can watch and read it.

From here your content marketing begins now do SEO of your content and boost up traffic which will give you benefits in different ways like more read and watch time, affiliate sales, more subscribers, etc…

7 Tips for Content Marketing

The 7 best tips for content marketing is given below.

1- Always create unique and valuable content as it adds some value, knowledge and Ideas to the viewers.

2- Maintain consistency.

3- Do researches on your topic and try to find out what type of content should be published.

4- Try to create content on trending topics.

5- So SEO of the content very carefully.

6- Selects a suitable title for your content.

7- Increase word count in case of blogging and in case of video try to make it lengthy as much as possible.

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