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How to earn money online without investment

Earning online isn’t difficult than you think. Do you want to know how to earn money online without Investment?

In the modern generation, many student or person works on the internet to get paid.   You can be one of them as it does not require any qualification or degree all that you need is talent or knowledge and any electronic gadget basically mobile or laptop with an internet connection ( to remain connected with the outside world). You can earn a minimum of 2000$ and more if you make an online effort and give some time to your online work. 

Ways of Online Earning


Blogging is a technique in making online money as it is quite simple but will test your patience and dedication for work. It is a tact to starts online earning. If you want to know how to make money from Blogging then continue your reading.  

Earn money online through blogging

The best online platform to post articles and information in which you can perform the best. To start blogging you must have a dynamic website and you can create a website on your own and free of cost on blogger. And you can also get it from the website developer who is paid. But in my view, if you are a beginner then the blogger will be right. If you want to know how to make money from Google? then please continue your readings.    

After creating a website you have to start writing an article and you can also purchase a domain and host for your website. In 30-35 days after writing a post daily, google will get you approved for Google AdSense and thereafter you start earning. To get traffic on your page you must be familiar with SEO(Search Engine Optimization).   

Topics for blogging

 A blog that makes money are very rare but you have to make it an opportunity, you must have to write articles on the topic which are very current means everyone is talking and wants to know about that topic, in recent time you can take a topic names CORONAVIRUS, coronavirus news, coronavirus tips, coronavirus prevention as theses all topics are popular nowadays. So, I think you must understand what I want to say.  

Blogging pays a huge amount of money. It pays 10$ to 20$ per 1000 views on your post. And if your content is very effective and you have done SEO of your post then traffic to your blog automatically increases and Your post starts to rank on Google gradually.   Google Adsense pays you 1000$ to 2000$ per 100,000 page views. So, it’s well for everyone.  

You can also earn from affiliate blogging by making use of your blog. You can use any affiliate like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, etc.. and you can sell their products on your blog and they will pay you 1 or 2% commission for each product.   To know about SEO just click on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by posting ads on your website affiliated with any e-commerce company. If any visitor of your website purchases the item through the Google AdSense of your website then the e-commerce company will give you a few percent profits of total purchasing.  

Earn money online by affiliate marketing

You can choose any affiliate and post their product on your blog or post. When viewers of your post click on that product and purchase it then the Affiliate will give you 1 to 4% commission on the total cost of the product. Many bloggers, social media influencers, and many others earn 2000$ to 3000$ per month and more through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the second way of earning money on an online platform.


 A freelancer is usually for the person who is self-employed. Freelancing is a popular tact to earn money. You can earn 500$ to 800$ per month from freelancing very easily. Freelancer is a platform where you can earn from your talent and on a niche in which you are an expert. You have to create your portfolio on freelancer and start to bid for the project. And if you got an opportunity for the project then it’s good for you. You have to complete your work on time and get paid for your work.  

To starts earning through Freelancer, you have to create your account on freelancer and give a brief description of yourself in which you can do your best like content writing, article writing, news, programming, web designing, digital marketing, etc.. these all platform is available on Freelancer and you can select one of them and starts bids for your project, you will be paid after you complete your project.  

The freelance earning method is quite simple and better than other platforms of money-earning. Here you can get gob according to your desires and qualification.   If You want to learn how to get AdSense approval for your website then you can visit.  


How to make money on YouTube 2020?  YouTube is a platform of entertainment, learning as well as earning you can start earning from here by making a YouTube channel. When viewers of YouTube video increases then after you will get paid by YouTube.  You can earn 3$ to 5$ per 1000 views on YouTube. And if you work hard and get success in gaining views on your video then you can earn more than you think ever. YouTube pays more than 4000$ per 1 Million Views.   

There are more other techniques of earning money from YouTube.You can also earn by advertising ads on your YouTube channel also by promoting someone’s items or channel or site anything for which they deserve to pay. Do you wants to know how to rank a video on YouTube?

YouTube will also give a proper amount of money for views on a video so as a YouTuber your both opportunity is open first is by views and second by doing promotions of materials, sites, application, or YouTube channel itself.   To know how to get Google Adsense approval on Youtube.


How to earn money from Instagram?   Instagram is a social site app that is nearly used by half of the world population. On Instagram first of all, you have to promote yourself and get huge followers and by getting a huge follower on Instagram you can promote or advertise someone’s channel or someone’s profile, website anything that they want. If you want to know how to earn money from Instagram?    

Earn money online through Instagram

  All earning of Instagram depends upon followers. A person who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram charges near about 8000$ for posting a sponsored photo. And the person who has millions of followers charges more than 10,000$ per sponsored photos.  


How to earn money with consulting?    

The consultant is a highly paid platform for online earning. It needs some skills like you have experience as a team leader, must have ideas of innovations and creativity, must be expert on any particular project or Idea, and you must have the ability to suffer the pressure.    

Earn money online by consultant

A consultant is highly paid service, you can start it from any comfortable place all the discussions will process online. You can earn 10,000 to 15,000 Rs. for a bit of advice.  

Tips For Online Earning 

  All you need is patience, ideas, and knowledge to starts online earnings. As the whole world is digital you can do it from your home without giving a particular time to your work. You can do it when you are free.  

In my view, if you are new on an online earning platform then I suggest you try blogging as your earning platform, and in starting you don’t have to invest money. You can create your free website from a blogger and after a month when you start earning then you can invest 2 or 5% of your earnings in your blogging to grow your business.  

If you are an expert in anything like teaching, creating, dancing, art, singing, comedy, or anything in which you can perform well then take a few and search a better platform for your talent and start earning from there.

Benefits of Online Money Making

  It doesn’t require any qualification or any degree  

You don’t have to qualify for any exam to work online.  

You don’t have to invest money for your work   

Online working doesn’t require an interview and you can work it from your favorite place or where it makes you comfortable.

It can be portable and no requirement of dress code.

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