Email Marketing? Tips and Strategy for Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy. It is the best way to reach the customer and communicate with the customers. It is a simple, easy and efficient way and carried out by Emails only.

In Email Marketing, a bulk of the message is sent to different people or customers by using mails, the message may contain an affiliate link, or product promotion, or brand promotion, etc… By using these mails you can easily get feedback from the customers in an easy and quick way.

The main motive of Email Marketing is to sent emails to the customers and tries to persuade them anyhow so that they can buy your product.

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

In 2020, there are 4 Billion email users across all over the World, which is a very huge number. And 80% of the total users regularly use check their emails in a hope that they have got a new message. Now you can imagine that you can easily reach all of them by sitting in a single room and in any corner of the World.

Email Marketing provides a simple, easy, and cheapest way of communication with a huge number of customers at a time. It is also used to develop a better relationship between customer and email marketer and also it is the cheapest way among all other forms of Digital Marketing.

In this marketing, you can easily check that how many customers open your emails and how many of them click on the link and visit your site or product. So, it will give you a conclusion about emails sent by you whether it is responsive or not?

History of Email Marketing?

It was believed that the first email (simple mail ) was sent in 1971 by a person named Ray Tomlinson. This email contain a simple message.

But again in 1978 a bunch of 400 emails is sent to Arpanet advertising machines which generated a total revenue of $13 Billion. This message was sent by a person named Gary Thuerk, who was the marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corporation.

In 1982 the term “Electronic Mail Message” was replaced by the term “Email” and in 1989 the America Online (popularly known as AOL) recorded a sound track “you have got a mail”.

Since then email is helping in various fields like communication, business, marketing, etc…

Types of Email Marketing

You can find different types of Email Marketing but it is basically of 2 types.

1- Transactional Emails

All the emails that comes to you with your permission or your consent.

For Example – When you subscribe any blog with your email then all the updates, post, new content, etc… will be automatically comes as email.

Second one, when you buy something from any store and you provide them your Email Id, then the mail that is send to you by store is transactional email.

2- Direct Emails

All the mails that you got without your permission or consent is known as Direct mails.

For Example- Affiliate mails, promotional mails, sponsorship mails, Email Newsletters etc…

These all mails are the example of Direct mails.

Types of Email Marketing

How to do Email Marketing?

To start email marketing read and follow the following steps-

1- Collect the Emails of your customer.

2- Select any platforms to send a bunch of emails at a time. As Google don’t allow you to send bunch of Gmail at time and neither you can send same message to many people because they consider it as spam.

Some of the best platform to send bunch of Emails at a time are – Mailchimp, Send Grid, AWeber, Icontact, Campaigner, etc…

3- Design your template. Means design of the message that email contain inside it.

Design must be simple, attractive, and easy to understand. And it must contain the link of the product, affiliate marketing link, or anything that you want with email marketings.

4- Select your customer and send them the messages.

Now, by a single click a bunch of emails will be sent to all of your customers at a time. It will save your time and money.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1- Email Marketing is very cheap than other form of digital marketing

2- You can easily target a huge number of audience by Email Marketing.

3- You can do multiple works by Email Marketing like – Brand Promotion, Affiliate Product, Sale your product and earn commission, Brand Awareness, you can run a campaign, etc…

4- If you are a blogger then you bring huge traffic to your website by using email and asking them to give you a backlink (if they are a blogger or YouTuber).

5- You can easily start a conversation to your customer and can motivate them to buy your product.

6- You can easily Boost up your sales.

Tips for Email Marketing

1- Try to find out your customer’s interest and send them link according to their Interest.

For example – Suppose you are sending an email (which contain link of product like protein powder, health tips, etc…) to one of your customer who is interested in gaming and not a little bit interested in gym or being healthy, etc… It means that, this person neither buy your any of the product and neither will click on your link. So, try to send them gaming links, products, etc…

2- Your message design must be simple and attractive. Use spacing between paragraphs so that customer don’t feel panic or boring in reading the message.

3- Always try to offer something new and valuable.

4- Try to persuade the customers.

5- Use the psychology concepts in writing the messages so that it can create a positive impact on Customers.

6- Give them rewards on purchasing of your product.

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