Facce recognition

What is Face recognition? How it Works

All human beings have their own identical and unique face structure which helps humans as well as machines to recognize them easily. Some other body parts are also unique and help in recognizing a person like a fingerprint, retina, etc…

But all the biometric except face recognition are quite slow in the process. They all are not fast as facial recognition. Biometrics are the tools that are used to identify and authenticate a person’s identity.

So, among all the other biometrics Facial recognition is more accurate and fast. Now come to the point of Facial Recognition.

What is Facial Recognition

Face recognition is a technology that is widely used to recognize human beings on the basis of their facial structure.

It is the fastest technology to recognize something which is previously defined. This means that this technology can recognize an apple and an orange if they were defined in the system.

For better understanding the technology used in mobile for face unlock is a facial recognition technology in which any mobile phones get unlock when the authorized person comes in front of camera of a lock phone.

Why Facial Recognition System-

1- It works faster than any other recognition system.

2- No physical interaction is required as in a fingerprint case.

3- Uses by national security agencies to match the profile of a criminal from their database.

4- It does not require an expert to match or verify any person.

5- Sometimes face recognition technology help in finding a missing person.

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How Face Recognition Works

There are 3 steps which are involved in the functioning of the face recognition system –

1- Data Acquistion

It means the capture of an image by the system. It is the first step in face recognition technology.

2- Data or Feature Extraction

It is the second step. In this step, the system extracts the unique feature of a face. In this step, the system determines the distance between all the nodal points of a human face.

A human face consists of nearly 80 nodal points which are used by the computer system to create a unique characteristics feature of any person.

The nodal points may distance between two eyes, a distance of forehead to chin, the distance between earn and chin, etc…

These all the nodal points gives a unique feature of a person which helps in the recognition and verification process,

3- Data Processing

Data Processing is the steps of verification or recognition. In data processing, the systems match the information stored in the database to the person in front of the camera.

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