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Google Adsense vs. affiliate marketing (Detailed Explanation)

Hey, good to see you here. Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are the two best ways to make money by using the Internet it may be by using Youtube, blogging, Instagram, Facebook, etc…

One of the main differences between Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing is Google Adsense is a way of earning by running ads on your platform that may be Blog or youtube whereas Affiliate Marketing is the way of earning by selling of product on your platform and get some percent as a bonus.

Both are nice in their own way but in the case of conversion Affiliate Marketing is more profitable than Google Adsense. Affiliate Marketing gives a wide range of products and ideas to grow your business that is not available in Adsense.

Why Google Adsense?

Before continuing to Difference, wants to explain to you Why Google Adsense?

It is a very easy and simple process and all free for the advertiser. It doesn’t stick to a single product and give you a variety of product on your platform.

As in simple, on the track of making money by using a blog or youtube Google Adsense is the first step and if you are gaining a proper profit then you can jump to the next level on Affiliate Marketing.

I know, you can easily prove wrong to the above line but always remember when you get your first earning by Adsense it means that you are getting enough traffic on your blog or channel to jump to the next level that is affiliate marketing.

Always remember, Traffic is the King.

The first requirement in Affiliate Marketing is huge traffic but not in Adsense.

If you are getting approved by Google Adsense means that everything is fine on your blog or channel otherwise it may be subjected to copyright violation or minimum content requirement or many more.

Google Adsense is free and provides a huge variety of ads related to your articles.

How Google Adsense Works?

Before working with Google Adsense you must know how to get Google Adsense approval?.

The working of Google Adsense is a little bit different on Blogs and Youtube. On the blog, you will earn when any visitor clicks on Ads whereas on youtube you will earn by simply running ads on your channel. Clicks are not compulsory on Youtube.

After getting Adsense approved the ads will be placed on your blog and when any reader clicks on the ads you will get money. CPC(Cost Per Click) changes from country to country. It may be between 0.0$ to 9$.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a Techniques of Online Earnings by selling the products on your Internet Platforms (like Blogging or Website, YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platforms), and in return, you will get a bonus or profit of some percent of the total cost of the product (percent may be in between 1 to 7).  

In Affiliate Marketing when you sell a product of Cost 100$ then you will get a profit of at least 2% to 6% profit of the total cost of the product. And suppose if your blog or YouTube channel has huge traffic and you sell 1000 items in a month then you will get 2000$ to 6000$ in a month.

In some cases like online courses or electronic gadgets or gaming items, you can get 20% to 25% of the total cost of the product. By taking the above criteria you can earn up to 20,000$ to 25,000$ of profits in a month.

Now in terms of Affiliate Marketing. If you have a blog and you have joined an affiliate program. Now, If you have traffic of 100 K per month on your blog then revenue through AdSense is up to 200$ to 250$ and with affiliate marketing, you can earn up to 700$ to 1200$ per month.

Many experts say Affiliate Marketing is 5 to 8 times better than Adsense.

Higher the traffic, higher will be the revenue.

Google Adsense VS. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingGoogle Adsense
Revenue in Affiliate Marketing is very highRevenue is very lower than Affiliate Marketing and mostly depends upon CPC.
Affiliate Marketing is related to the selling of products.Adsense is related to clicks on Ads.
Selling of product.Clicks on Ads.
No restrictions on the clicks.Google stops running ads in case of frequent clicks from the same person.
You can use your affiliate links anywhere on the Internet.It is limited to your platform i.e. blog or youtube.
Controlled by you and can join the small or big affiliates.Control by Google only.
Your account can’t be banned.Your account can be banned by Google.

Affiliate Marketing is more profitable than Google Adsense.

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