How to Create Back links

 How to Create BackLinks

What is Backlink?

Backlinks means creating a link from any other site to your own site so that the visitors of that site can also visit to your own site. 

Backlinks is created to drive traffic of any other site to your own site easily. It is a techniques of Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).It is used to rank a website on Google Search Engine and mostly used by the blogger to rank their site on Search Engine.

Backlinks plays an important role to get ranking on first page of Google Search Engine and mostly used. Always remember no one can rank on Google’s first page without making use of Backlinks.

Types of Backlinks

Basically Backlinks is of 2 types 

1- No Follow Backlinks – 

This type of backlinks is used to drive traffic to your site but does not improve your site ranking or yours domain authority. This type of backlinks is created from untrusted site and it also lowers yours SEO ranking

2- Do Follow Backlinks – 

This type of backlinks is used to drive heavy traffic to your site and also improves your site ranking on Search Engines. Such type of backlinks were created from trusted site. So, always created Do Follow backlinks or backlinks from any trusted site and whose Domain authority is good.

How to create Backlinks

1-Guest blogging 

 Guest blogging is a method by which you can create backlinks to your website.

Guest Post means allowing other writers or bloggers to write on your blog. It means that you can also write on someone else blog which quit famous and drive high traffic.

So, start Guest Blogging of some trusted site with high traffic and mention links of yours blogs in that post or article so that visitors of the post on that site could also visit your blog.

2-Image copyrighted

Do you ever hear for creating backlinks with yours image? Now , i’m gonna tell you.

If your image is uses by someone and its copyright belongs to you then you can demand for the backlinks to your site from that site which is using your image.

For example — Suppose I am using an image of you (means image’s copyright belongs to you) then you can ask to me for a backlinks to your own site otherwise you can claim on my post for using my image. Do you understand?? And to overcome this copyrighted problem I am now force to give a backlink to your site.

3- Internal backlinks

Internal backlinks means creating a link from your own post to any other post that is yours.Internal linking is very common and widely used. Because it all process ends up to you.

Suppose, you write an article on any topic then inside the content you can give link to any another post of your website. As it is free of cost and you don’t have to ask with someone else hence widely used by all the bloggers to increase traffic on the site.

4- High quality blogs comments

Posting a comment on any high quality blogs can increase yours site traffic. In starting all the new blogger try to get traffic on their blog by commenting on some other blogs or post and mention their link in comments so that visitors of that post could also visit their post through comments.

So, you can try this to get traffic to your website.

5- Interviews of Famous bloggers

Try to mention  interviews of some famous or successful bloggers on your blog so that when everyone try to visit or search for that famous blogger then they can also visit your blog.

You can also upload your video on YouTube and can mention your blog link their. Every new blogger try to get inspiration from the successful blogger so they search for them on Google.

6- social media

You can also get a heavy traffic from social sites by sharing your content there and mentioning the link of the post.

The best social site platform to get backlink is linkedIn. Linked is mostly similar and better with Facebook. As LinkedIn is consist of professionals and if they are interested in your content then they must visit your post.

The LinkedIn is the best platform as you can directly share your link on it. You can also go for facebook and twitter.

7- quality content

Quality content always matters for the getting better backlinks. “Content is the King” always remember this quote. If your content is really nice and appreciating then visitors of your post automatically share it though social sharing plugins.

And if your content quality is not good then your sharing options ends here.

8 – quora

Quora is also a better option for driving traffic to your blogs. Quora is platform of question and answers. Many users search for answers on quora.

You can also mention your post link their so that the reader of your answer on quora could also visit your blog.

9- Advertising

Advertising is  a paid techniques for getting backlinks on your post. You have to pay for such backlinks. In advertising your website the advertiser will show your site and its good quality on their platform so that visitors could aware about your site and can visit your post if they like.

If you want such backlinks then you have to contact successful bloggers or youtubers who can promote your blogs and return they will give backlinks to your site.

10 – broken links

Broken links means Page Error 404. It means the link to the page is broken. If you find such links then you can contact to owner of website to mention your link in the place of broken links and if the owner accept this then your post will be seen instead of page error 404 and all traffic will come to you.

Why Backlinks are important

Backlink is very important to get heavy traffic on a blog. With the help of backlinks you can drive more and more traffic and this process will continue further. 

Without making use of backlinks you can not rank your website. It is the basic need of website after quality content.

Here are some important need of backlinks

1- to drive traffic.

2- To improve SEO of Website.

3- To improve Domain authority 

4-To rank your website to the first page of search engine.

Benefits of Creating Backlinks

1- It increase the traffic to your website.

2- By increasing the traffic it also increase your earnings from blogging (by using AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, paid promotion etc…)

3-It improves the ranking of your post on Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

4-If the link is from a good site then it improves your Domains’s authority and relevancy.

5- Without making use of Link Building you can not grow your blogs rank as it is the advise of Larry Page and Sergey Bin. According to both of them without making use of back links the pages or post can not grow up and it will remain as it is. 

So, they advise to create the back links so that new content with nice content and updates come forward and help the readers.

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