How to earn from blogging.


What is Blogging

A blog is a platform on the Internet where you can present your information regarding any particular topic in which you can give your best.
Blog is overall similar to website but a blog needs a continuous update on the data that you represent.
Blog is a easy and very cheap technique to represent your views in front of the World through Internet.
Blogging is a method of representing your data or information in reverse chronological order.

Reverse Chronological order means that, you have to decide the conclusion or summary of your information at first and then after explanation. So that visitor to your blog understand the whole concept in first view.
Blogging is also used to earn money by doing work from home. You can post your article to your blog from anywhere you feel comfortable and it may be outside your country too.

How to start blogging

If you want to start blogging then you have to follow the following steps

1- Create your own blog. To create your blog for free of cast( Owned by Google)  go to . It will take to you a page and click on create your blog.

2- Complete all the required steps and it will takes you to blog page.

3- Click on “Post” and write a beautiful content and publish it.

Now, you are a blogger and you can write your own blog.

How to earn from blogging


Google Adsense is a way of earning from blog. AdSense is used by blogger to earn.
When you complete you 25 post Google will give you approval for AdSense and tour Earning will start from there.

The method of Earning from AdSense is that when a visitor to your blog click on Adds then you will be paid for per click on the Adds.

If you want to know how to get AdSense Approval early then visit–

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a techniques of Earning from blog. You have to choose an affiliate like Amazon, Flipkart etc.. to sell their products on your site.
And when visitor to your site purchase the item or product though your site then your affiliate you will give you reward of 1 or 2% of total cost of product.

Product Selling

You can sell your products thorough your website. Products may be your own or someone else if it belongs to someone else then owner will pay you for selling their products.

How to make blog popular

Domain name

First of all choose your domain name very carefully and your domain name must be according to your blog.
If you write on tech then your domain name must be technical.


Your content must be effective. Always try your best for your blog. Take time to publish your blog don’t be hurry to publish your blog.
Must research on topic and article that you want to publish. It will create good impression on visitor and hope they must share. And if your content is nice and effective then visitor visit your blog frequently.


If you are new then you have to share your blog in your whats app group, friends and family so that they know about your blog. And ask them to share your blog so that many people could visit your blog.

Social Site

Create you blog page of social sites like Facebook, Instagram so that it could be famous.
Gain page followers by sharing your page and ask them to visit your blog. After writing your article share it on Facebook, Instagram, twitter pages so that your page followers be able to see that you have written something and they will be force to just visit your blog.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an organic technique to famous your blog and gain traffic to your blog.
If you are new, then it may be unknown to be but if you practice then it becomes a source of Earning.
SEO will provide you different of gaining traffic to your site and if there is traffic on your site then your earning will be more than you expect.
If you wants to know what is SEO and how it works then visit–

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