How to earn money online at home for free

Wants to earn money online at home?

The Internet provides several platforms to earn money but due to a lack of knowledge and Ideas, many couldn’t get it.

I am going to tell you some ideas by using which you can earn money at home –

1- Blogging

Blogging is a simple term and defines itself.

And if you still don’t aware of blogging then keep reading.

Blogging means presenting your knowledge, ideas, facts, content in text form on the Internet.

Lets’ understand it in simple ways – You know about YouTube?

YouTube is also known as Vlog. Means On YouTube you have to represent your knowledge, ideas, facts in the form of videos, but in blogging it is text.

Now, How to earn with blogging ?

Blogging gives you a platform to cover various people on a single post and you can use this opportunity to earn.

Google AdSense is a platform on blogging that will give you money for each click on AdSense. It is the Ads on your blog and when any person clicks on it, Google will give you money for that.

In blogging, you can also earn with Affiliate Marketing.

2- Quora

Quora is the most popular Q&A(Question and Answer) website.

You can earn with Quora by posting questions and answers on it.

But Quora has terms and conditions, you must have at least 100,000 views on your content and content should be unique and fresh.

You have to join Quora Partner Program to starts your earnings. And Quora itself stated that there will be no limit to your earnings means you can earn in millions too.

3- Instagram

How to earn with Instagram?

Instagram is a social site like Facebook, but rather than a social site Instagram is a platform for earning too.

You can earn at least 300$ per month by using Instagram, but all you need is followers.

Followers on your profile on Instagram will decide your Earnings, if you have huge followers then your earning will be huge and vice versa.

You can promote someone’s profile on Instagram and in return, you can charge your fee with them.

You can also do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram and can make huge money by selling products to your followers.

4-  Freelancing

Freelancer is a website where you can find a job according to your ability.

You can work in the field in which you are an expert and can handle problems.

On freelancer, you have to work for someone and in return, they will pay you depending on the type and difficulty of work.

Freelancing is a popular tact to earn money. You can earn 300$ to 700$ per month from freelancing very easily.

5- Fiverr

It’s Fiverr?

It’s a place for professionals only. You have to submit your resume on it and if then select you then you can work there.

It’s is mostly similar to freelancers but here you have to be work as a professional and you must have experience in your working field.

You can earn on Fiverr up to your need.

6- YouTube

YouTube is a platform where you can earn a good amount of money by publishing videos only. And it doesn’t charge money to upload videos on it.

You can earn 3$ to 5$ per 1000 views. You can imagine your earnings on your per month views.

You can also earn by advertising ads on your YouTube channel also by promoting someone’s items or channel or site anything for which they deserve to pay.

7- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means selling products of MNC or any person and earns profits on each product sale.

For example- If you are a blogger or Instagrammer or YouTuber and you sell a product of amazon company then the company will give a few percent of the profit on each product sale.

If the product cost is 100$ and you sell 10 products then you can easily earn 20$ to 50$ as a profit.

Profit percent for each product varies between 1% TO 8%.

8- Online Tutor

Are you Tutor?

If you, then you can earn money by teaching students online.

Many online platforms are available on the Internet like udemy, unacademy, cheggs , khan academy etc…

You can use your talent here and earn by sitting at home.

Submit your resume on this website with a short video and start teaching if you got a selection.

9- Create Online Courses

Online courses are always in demand and it is one-time work and lifetime earnings.

Means once you create an online course then you don’t have to make changes in it and you can sell these classes to anyone who needs it.

If you have knowledge of a specific subject then it is a good opportunity for you.

OR you can also sell it to any website that runs online teaching.

10- Sell photos

here are some websites that will pay if you provide them amazing photos.

Photos may be either clicked by edited but must be unique.

Some website are pixabay, pexel, canva, unsplash, etc…

If you are interested in photography then it is a good opportunity for you.

These website purchase photos from the photographer and publish them on their website OR use them in a perfect place and makes money with these photos.

Sometimes the cost of photos depends on its quality and if your photos have good quality and in demand then you can earn more with a single photo.

11- Buy and Sell Domains and Hosting

It’s a good tact of earnings only by Buying and Selling hosting and domains.

There are many online websites from where you can purchase a domain and hosting like hostgator, siteground, hostinger, godaddy, etc…

You can also sell these domains and hosting on the same websites.

Let’s understand with an example-

There is a boy who registers a domain name with the name of the girl who is the daughter of a celebrity in few dollars and when the celebrity wants to register that domain name then he has to purchase the domain name from that boy in millions.

And boys convert his few dollars into millions. So, this opportunity is also open to you.

12- Design and Sell Websites

You can design a website with yourself and sell it online.

It will give you a huge profit, a simple website will give you up to 50$ and if you design it properly with new ideas then you can earn more than 500$.

You can have a look at the website Flippa. Flippa is a website where the website is sold and purchased, you can see the cost of a website according to its design.

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