How to get AdSense Approval in 2 weeks

How to get AdSense approval on youtube

YouTube is a platform where you can entertain, study, and earn money by sitting at home.   YouTube pays nearly 1$ for 1000 views on a post and this earning changes with a country like in the USA it gets 2$ per 1000 views. And in this modern getting 1000 views on a post isn’t that tough if the quality and information of your video are good.  

1– First of all Create a Channel on YouTube with any name like any technical name if you want to post technical videos and learning names if you want to post some learning content.  

2– Publish your video on a daily routine. It means that maintain your consistency on your channel.  

3– Get a minimum subscriber of 1000 before applying for AdSense Approval because Google will not Approve your AdSense if you have subscribers less than 1000.  

4– Be careful that before applying for Google AdSense you must have 4000 public watch hours on your YouTube channel in the last 12 months or 1 year.  

5– And last is that your YouTube Channel must follow its monetization policy otherwise you will get rejected automatically. There is some policy that must not violate you can see it on your channels.    

How to get AdSense Approval on Blogger

Blogger AdSense


AdSense is the first source of income for bloggers. But sometimes it becomes a problem in getting approval.   To get AdSense approval first of all you have to apply for it.  


 Content plays a vital role in getting Adsense approval. You know “Content is the Soul for any website or blog”.   Content and its quality decide the ranking of your website. Quality means the content you post must be valuable to the readers, they must get some knowledge after visiting your block.  

Google approves those blogs whose content is very unique and not copyrighted and content length must be a minimum of 400 words.

Design Of The Blog

  Your blog must look attractive. Design your blog in such a way that Google bot visits then it looks attractive and your blog is designed according to your domain name.   If your domain name is related to tech then your blog must post tech content and photos, not something else.  

Maximum number of post

  Your blog must contain a minimum of 25 posts. It must be 20 but not less than 20 otherwise google will disapprove of your AdSense.   If you blog contains 20-25 post they google thinks that the owner of the blog is consistently working on it. It creates a positive impact on Google Bot.  

Important Pages

  Before applying for Google AdSense you must have the following page on your blog.  

1- About Us

2- Contact US

3- Privacy Policy  

These 3 pages are very important in the viewpoint of Google and Google will not approve your AdSense if any of 3 pages are missing. So, Create it before applying.  

Single Account

  The address or google account with which you applying for AdSense must not be added with any other AdSense account otherwise your Approval gets canceled.   You will see a mail from Google that you already have an AdSense Account. So, it’s better to check it and keep one account.  


AdSense Rejection

How to apply for Adsense on Blogger

1– Go to earnings on the left of the page and click on it,  

2– You will get a page like a page shown below.    


  3– Click on “How to Qualify for AdSense“.  

4– It will get to a new page look like the page shown below    

AdSense technique

  Click on “Sign UP for AdSense”  

5– It will take you to a new page and you have to fill in your blog address, email Id, and submit it after that Google will give a piece of code and you have to paste it on your blog.  

6– Google will send you a mail that your AdSense account is Approved or not and If not then it will give a reason or error and you have to fix that error. And After fixing the error applies again for AdSense and your AdSense will be approved.

How to get Adsense Approval on WordPress

To get Adsense approval on WordPress you have to follow the steps–  

1- First of all buy a domain name and hosting to create a site on WordPress. If you are switching to WordPress then also domain name and hosting will be necessary.  

2- Design your website creatively. In such a way that it looks attractive and beautiful.  

3- Write at least 25 quality posts so that visitors can frequently visit your site.  

4- Post three important pages Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy.   5- Now apply for AdSense. It will get Verified.

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