How to rank a youtube video on the first page.

Here are the few best tips to grow a youtube video and channel on the first page.

1- Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords gives a wide range of search apperance. These keywords have higher chance to rank faster than small keywords.

Use specific keywords which are more specific and have higher chances of search. These keywords are more likely to search by the users.

Use these keywords in title, tags and description too.

When you use long tail keywords then it may possible that your video may rank on any specific keywords that you have used and which is mostly used by user.

For example – ” Rank video on Youtube” is the small tail keywords and “How to rank a video on the first page of Youtube” this is the long-tail keywords. And you can yourself guess which one will give you more views.

2- Use Less competitive Keywords

Use such keywords on which competition is low but searches are high. It looks quite difficult to find such keywords and create a video on that specific keywords but if you want to rank then use your mind and try to find such keywords.

But such keywords which is less competitive and high search volume have chances to rank faster.

Such keywords tell that the search volume is very high but only a few videos are available which is not sufficient and you can create your own video to get views.

3- Engagement with Viewers

Engagement means creating an engaging video and try to engage with viewers, try to stop them on your video, and tempt them to make comments on your video. This will increase their engagement which will create a good impact on search engine.

People are engaging means they are liking your video and eager to ask something that’s why they are commenting. So Search Engine will gradually increase your video ranking.

4- On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO includes description, tags, thumbnail, Title, captions, Quality of video, uniqueness of video.

Above all are the on-page SEO and all plays an important role in ranking of a video.

Most important among all is the quality of the video and it’s title, if the title is proper for the video and quality is best then nothing more is needed to improve your ranking (note it- quality must be better and title is proper which indicate your video and title must be attractive.)

The second most important thing in on-page SEO is the thumbnail of the video. This is the first thing a viewer will see. So, create an attractive thumbnail for your youtube videos.

Use proper tags and description. In description section try to mention an overview of the video.

5- Update Playlist Option

Always gives playlist option in your channel. Means all videos that you have created can get by using single keywords.

6- Social Sharing

Social sharing means sharing your video on Instagram, whats app, Facebook. This is the first step used by newbies to get views on their youtube channel and it is also effective.

You must share your videos on social sites ask your friend to share it further by using these techniques you can easily get 2K to 5K views if your video is good.

Paid techniques to rank a video on YouTube

1- Video Promotion

This is the paid technique to rank video faster, but I will not suggest you if you are a beginner. In this technique, you will pay some highly rank youTube channels to refer to your videos in their channel, so that their viewers can also visit your video.

But sometimes this technique is not effective.

2- Backlinks

Backinks means a link to your video from any other video. In case of blogging, you get easily get a backlink from any other sites but in case of youtube it is always paid.

In backlink a youtube channel owner will put the link of your video in their description or simply use a button which is an option present on youtube either to refer your own video or someone else video.

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