Affiliate Marketing

Is affiliate marketing better than Adsense?

 Affiliate Marketing is a method of online earnings by selling products on your online platform that may be blogging, YouTube, or Instagram or any other platforms where you can gather your audience.

What is the Process of Affiliate Marketing ?

In Affiliate Marketing when you sell a product of Cost 100$ then you will get a profit of at least 2% to 6% profit of total cost of the product. And suppose if your blog or YouTube channel has huge traffic and you sell 1000 items in a month then you will get 2000$ to 6000$ in a month.

In some cases like online courses or electronic gadgets or gaming items then you can get 20% to 25% of profits. By taking the above criteria then you can earn 20,000$ to 25,000$ of profits in a month.

The product which has fewer demands in the market gives you huge profits on selling their product. Many bloggers whose blog traffic is between 100 K to 500 K in a month their conversion with only Affiliate Marketing is up to 5000$ to 8000$ per month.

Affiliate Marketing Better than Google AdSense ?

It is far better than Google AdSense. AdSense will pay you per click on it and clicks per month is also not much satisfying.

Whereas CPC(Cost Per Click) differs from country to country. A country like UAE (United Arab Emirates) have highest CPC and Some country like India comes in the category of less CPC. For example, If a UAE citizen clicks on any ads then you will get 8% percent greater than a person click who belongs to the USA. And If an Indian citizen clicks on any ads then you will get 77% less than a person click who belongs to the USA.

Now terms for Affiliate Marketing. If you have a blog and you have to join an affiliate program. Now, If you have traffic of 100 K per month on your blog then revenue through AdSense is up to 200$ to 250$ and with affiliate marketing, you can earn up to 700$ to 1200$ per month.

Now you can see that is 3 to 4 times better than AdSense.

Demand of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 

According to some researches, the Demand will be at higher growth up to 2026. And will decrease gradually after 2026 as competition increases after 2026 and many people will go for blogging and affiliate marketing which lowers its demands.

Each year many people with their new products come into the market to sell but due to fewer customers, they try it to sell their products and join an Affiliate.

So, Create yours online platform and join an Affiliate Program and Make money.

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