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what is Micro niche website? how Micro Niches ranks faster?

Before understanding the concept of the term “What is Micro Niche Website” first try to understand its meaning separately. The word “Micro” means microscopic which contains very minute quantities and the word “Niches” means a single topic on which you are going to start your blog. For example – Android, Blog, Mobile, unboxing, game, food, cooking, etc…

Now let’s try to understand what is Micro Niche.

What is Micro Niche?

A blog that focuses on a single keyword is known as the Micro Niche blog. Here single keywords mean that each and every article is related to that specific keyword and must contain the keyword.

In micro niches blogging you have to focus on Single Keywords and you have to post articles related to that Keywords in every detail. In the micro-niches blog, you have to choose such a domain name which consists of keywords on which you write a blog.

Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose you want to create a micro-niche blog on Android. Now you have to purchase the Domain name which must consist of a keyword ” Android” like androidstuffs.com, androidxyz.tech, xyzandroid.com, or anything else but your domain name must consist of a keyword that includes your blog name.

Take another example if you want to create a blog on the Mobile phone all you will post all articles related to mobile phones then you must purchase a domain name that includes mobile phones like mobilephone.com, phones.com, mobile100.com, mobilexyz.com, etc…

Micro niche are easy to rank on search engines and having very high conversion rate than other blog.

Micro Niche Blog Ranks fast?

Why Micro Niche? Why do some people suggest micro-niche? is it easy to earn money from micro-niche websites? Does it require fewer efforts than other websites? I am going to clear all your doubts.

1- It ranks faster than any other blog

Don’t get confused with the above sentence because it is true and let me explain to you with an example as it will clear all your doubt…

Suppose you have written a micro-niche blog on Android and your domain name consists of the terms Android then it is an example of a micro-niche blog.

Now, when anyone searches the keywords Android then Google Will show your blog too as your domain name consists of the keyword Android.

When you write on the Android topic then gradually you will cover each and every term related to Android. It means no one can explain Android better than you.

And we all know that Google recommends the best articles to the user as a result Google will rank your blog on top as you have provided better content to users.

If you have still any confusion then see another example

Suppose there is a blog whose name is techxyz.com(as an example) and they post an article related to Android then they can not explain each and every topic in depth related to android because they also used to post other articles and contents on some different topics and keywords. They focus on several topics but you only focus on Keyword “Android”. Now you can imagine whose content will be better.

And that’s the reason to rank your blog easily and still, you have any confusion then you can ask me in the comment section.

Micro nihes have very low competition and very high traffic.

2- It doesn’t need hard work to rank

Yes, it’s absolutely true that the micro-niche blog doesn’t require hard work.

Maximum in 25 to 30 posts you will cover each and every topic in detail related to your blog Keyword.

Again take the example of Android. In 25 to 30 posts you can explain all about android and after that, your writing works to end, and earnings start.

As whenever any searches are made of Google it will recommend your micro niche blog again and again.

3- You can rank your individual post easily.

The ranking of any post depends upon its content and traffic.

When Google recommends your blog it means you are getting high traffic and your blog rank easily.

If you still have any confusion related to micro-niche and how it ranks in short duration then have a look at the last example-

Imagine you s made a search on Google for blogging. And you see that there are 2 websites whose domain name is techontimes.com and bloggingbus.com.

Now you will go through which one? Almost 90% of people go with the 2nd one that is bloggingproo.com. As their domain name (bloggingbus.com) focuses on blogging. This means all the content inside this website is related to blogging.

The same criteria are for the rest of the people and all will go with bloggingbus.com Is that clear?

So, you can easily rank your blog on the Micro niche and very easily. One investment for a lifetime.

Micro niche require less effort and very easy to rank

Micro niche sites examples

All sites which post content related to a single keyword and their domain consist of the same keyword then they are examples of the micro-niche blog.

1- For example- Masterblogging.com is the best example of micro-niches sites.

They only focus on a single keyword that is blogging. You can get each and every content related to blogging. As you can see their domain name also consist of keyword blogging.

2- Androidcentral.com is an example of a micro niche website.

They only focus on Android mobile phones like reviews, comparison, which one is best, upcoming android phones, versions, etc… All articles on this website are related to the keyword android.

3- Healthline.com is also one of the best examples of micro-niches.

They only focus on the keyword health like health tips, nutrition, healthy foods, ideas to be healthy always, etc… Their only try to publish only content that can attract people who want to be healthy in life. And when they search for healthy tips on the Internet they surely follow Healthline.com for healthy tips.

Benefits of Micro Niche Websites

1- You don’t have to invest much money on a micro niche website.

2- It requires less time and effort to rank on the first page of the Search Engine.

3- Micro niches website can give you a good response whether it may be on Blogger or WordPress.

4- You have to write a maximum of 25 to 30 posts and gradually your all posts will rank on Search Engine.

5- It doesn’t require a huge number of backlinks to rank a post on any search engine.

6- Micro niches website can easily rank in any country either it may be the US, UK, or India.

7- Micro Niches websites take minimum time to drive heavy traffic.

8- The conversion rate in the case of micro-niche is very high.

Top 25 keywords for Micro Niche

Here are the top 25 keywords for Micro niches Websites-

1- Blogging

2- Health

3- Processor


5- Laptop

6- Affiliate Marketing


8- Travel

9- Electronics

10- Gadgets

11- Hacking

12- Any Specific Country

13- News

14- Backlinks

15- SEO

16- Keywords

17- How-to-Series

18- Social Media

19- Money

20- Designing

21- Art

22- Creativity

23- Agriculture

24- Updates

25- World (which cover every worldwide update)

These are the top 25 keywords for micro niches. These keywords are worldwide popular and can bring huge traffic on the websites and hence can grow revenue too.

You can choose any one of them to start your blog and can easily rank on Google.

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  1. I like your post, but i want ask one question technology is a broad niche. And android is a micro niche but in few years android is a very competitive word can we narrow down android like particular applications only

  2. I can this is the best guide in micro niche website. I have also visited some other websites but here I something different that I didn’t find anywhere else. Thanks for this guide mate. 🙂

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