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how to rank a post on the Google – 15 tips

Do you want to rank one of your posts on the first page of Google or any other engine? then here is the full guide for you.

The ranking of a post depends on various fields that may be keywords, backlinks, SEO, etc…

Various aspects that is necessary to rank a post on search engine are given below.


SEO is itself a vast topic and covers a wide range of areas. And I am sure that you are familiar with SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

If you want to rank your post on Google, you must have to do On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO of the post. Otherwise, it may prove difficult to rank a post on any search engine.

SEO helps Google bots to find what the bots are looking for in your content. SEO meets each and every need of a search engine bot.

And it makes easy for bots to ranks your post.

SEO is necessary to rank a post on the first page of a Search Engine. It provides engaging and user-friendly content.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail keywords lower your efforts in ranking. If you use short-tail keywords, it may take some long duration to rank on search engines, and sometimes it will never rank. But in the case of long-tail keywords, you will definitely rank.

So, try to prefer long tail keywords.

For Example- Take the keyword “Affiliate Marketing”. This is a short tail keyword and if you post an article on it, it will surely take a long time to appear in search results but not on the first page.

And if you choose long-tail keywords like ” How to become expert in affiliate marketing” then this post may have a greater chance to rank on the first page of Google.

Long tail keywords ranks easily in less number of words. You don’t have to write 2000 to 2500 words to rank a long tail keywords.

Points to remember-

Long-tail keywords have higher chances to rank on the search engines.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty is the main term that decides the ranking of a post. A keyword with less keyword difficulty will ranks faster in comparison with the keywords with high keyword difficulty.

You can easily find the keywords difficulty by searching it on any seo tools like ahrefs, semrush, or Google keyword planner.

So, always use those keywords which have less keywords difficulty.

Such keywords post takes 3 to 4 days to rank on the first page of google.


Choose keywords with less difficulty. Keywords with less difficulty will rank within 2 to 3 days on search engines with proper SEO.


Consistency plays an important role in driving a heavy traffic on a blog. And being consistent is the key to success.

If you maintain consistency in writing blogs and posting an article daily then Google will automatically sends traffic to your website, whether your post is good enough or not.

Google bots visit your website every day and at the same time. And if they find articles on daily basis then they will automatically send traffic to your website.

Consistency reflects the dedication. If you are consistent means you are doing all the necessary work that is needed to become you successful.

Your consistency shows that you are dedicated to your work and will continue it in the future. And this creates a positive impact on google Bots.

Length Of the Content

Length and grammar are 2 different aspects and both have created a huge impact on search engines as well as on traffic.

To rank a post on the first page of Google the length of the article must be sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.

If you want to rank your post on any keyword with high difficulty and competition, you have to write an article of more than 2000 words. And if the keyword difficulty is lower and competition too then you can have words lower than 1500.

So, length of the article or post have an active role in ranking of a post.

Always prefer to write a post with word count more than 1200 words. And if keyword difficulty is hard then word count must be above 2000.


The grammar of the content must be very effective and can be easily read. Google bots also check for the Grammar of the content. If the content’s grammar is proper then google bot will prefer your post otherwise not.

As the post is read by different people knowing different languages all across the World. And if the grammar is not proper then it creates a huge problem for other viewers. They didn’t feel good while reading the posts.

So, it’s better to use a proper grammar and correct it if found any mistakes.

If you are a beginner I will recommend you to use Grammarly. It is a very effective tool and also suggests the best grammar for a line by making corrections.

Analyze Competitor

This is a expert technique to analyze the competitor like on which keywords they are ranking, what is the length of their content, how much images they have used in their articles, what are their Google preview, how much backlinks they have made to rank the post, etc…

By analyzing your customer you can easily get the answers to all these points. And you have an overview of your articles.

When you analyze your competitor and starts to write an article then you will automatically do better than them.

So, it’s better to analyze your competitor before you start writing the article. It will help you in word count, how many backlinks are needed to rank, what are the keywords, what is the perfect slug? etc…

Always try to learn and compete with your competitor.

Meta Description

In blogging, the meta description is like YouTube Thumbnails. It is the first impression on viewers. If your meta description is proper and attractive then viewers will surely click on your link.

So, try to write in meta description very carefully and must uses the focus keyphrase in meta descriptions.

Points to remember-

Always try to write attractive meta descriptions and must use the focus keyphrase in the meta description section. Write as tentative as possible and to attract users must use numbers in the middle of the meta description.


Try to keep your slug as small as possible. A long slug, looks like a paragraph while sharing it on the social media or any other platforms.

Or, make use of the Bitly link shortener. It will reduce the size of your URL which will look pretty, attractive while sharing and also save yours much of the spaces.

Internal Linking

Internal linking means linking your post to another post. OR the link between 2 post on the same websites.

It will rotate your viewers on your own site and thus boost up engagement of users.

Must do internal linking before posting an article. It is an integral part of the SEO. It gives an idea to the Google that “how your website is” and whether you are focusing in single direction or not?.

Number of Ads

Do not use a series of Ads on the same page. Ad creates problem to the readers while reading the post. If anyone uses more ad on the same page then its high probability that the readers will switches the page.

Use maximum 3 ads on a post. If you use more then readers will get frustrated and will surely leave the page and your engagements becomes lower.

Points to Remember-

Don’t use more than 3 ads on a page.

rank on google
Number of Ads on a post


Make use of images in the articles. Images attracts the viewers and hence increase their engagement on the websites.

Images must be relevant to the topic with proper optimization. It improves the SEO and introduces or gives a short description, what blogger wants to say.

Points to remember-

Human eye capture images faster than the text, which is very helpful in understanding the complicated concepts.

So, always use a perfect and relevant images in your post.

Always use those images which size is very less and looks clear. You can use image size compressor tools to reduce the size of the images.

Let’s understand with example- Suppose a post contains an image of 1 Mb size. When someone visits the post it takes too much time to load 1 Mb size iamges.

And suppose if the size of images reduces to 40 to 50kb then it absolutely takes a very less time to load the same post.

Comment Section

Don’t get surprised by seeing the comment section here. Only show those comment on the post which are good, appreciate you and do not contain any links.

Sometimes comment section consist a huge number of comments which also consist of some undesirable links.

And also increases the length of the page which may take more time to load the page and insecure page due to undesirable links.

Points to remember

Only approve few comments which appreciate your content and which do not contain any promotional links.

Social Sharing

It is one of the popular ways for spreading the content over the Internet and hence increasing the views on the post.

Social sharing platforms may be Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Telegram, etc…

These techniques are far better than other SEO techniques as it is free of cost and gives you huge traffic at a time.

Rank a post on Google by social sharing
Social Sharing is necessary

Page Loading Speed

It is also an important point to rank a post on Google. Page loading speed is the time taken by viewers to load the page.

If the time taken to load the page is more then it may lowers the traffic to the website and if the time taken to load the page is less then it will automatically boost up the traffic on the websites.

So, try to improve page loading speed. You can check the website speed here Website Speed.

Page loading speed must be under 1.20 Sec. So, that it can be fully loaded in short time.

External Backlinks

External Backlinks are the the important sources of ranking. And Google Search Engine considers backlinks as voting value.

Means that more backlinks equals to more upvote.

Another reason is that- when a person provides a backlink from their website (having high Domain Rating) then a few percent of value is also added to your site, which further helps in ranking of a post or domain authority of a website.

And this is the reason why Domain Rating increases after backlinks from high authority websites.

Always create backlinks on your post and try to create backlinks from high domain rating websites.

More the number of backlinks and hence more will be the upvotes of your post.

To rank a post on the first page of Google, sometimes backlinks also depends upon the keyword difficulty. More backlinks is required if the keyword difficulty is high and vice-versa.

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