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What Is SEO Optimization? How To Optimize Blog In 10 Ways

This is the best post on the SEO optimization and optimize the blog in 10 ways.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique of getting heavy traffic on any blog either it’s new or a few years old. All the pages that are ranked in the first position of Google Search Engine are a result of SEO.

SEO deals with all the processes to Optimize a blog. It means to optimize the blog in such a way that it looks nice, the traffic grows, visitors share your blog and many more. In simple overall development of your blog so that it can rank on the first page of Search Engine.

SEO Optimization

The use of SEO is in demand for the past few years as the Internet goes wider the Demand for SEO increases automatically to improve the traffic on a blog. Without making use of SEO any blog can not be ranked on the first page of  Google Search Engine which rises the need for SEO.

Types of SEO

Basically, SEO is of 2 types.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO means optimizing your website and blogs without going outside the website. This means it applies to the website itself you don’t have to wander out of the website to implement On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO checklist

Important settings of the website like tags, meta tags, description, Header tags, and theme of your website.

Keyword Research means to put those important keywords in your blog which really connected and related to the blog and most searched on Search Engine. It also includes internal links, sitemaps, XML, and HTML sitemaps.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO means optimizing the website outside the website. This means all the optimization of Off-Page will take place outside of the website, you have to use other techniques to promote a new blog or website.

Off-Page SEO checklist

link building, advertisement of website, paid promotion, social media sharing, and paid SEO.

How to Implement SEO–

Dude, some of the SEO you have to do with yourself and the important one I’m going to tell you How to implement SEO ?

Implementation Of SEO

Implementation of SEO or Optimization of SEO is the same. SEO Optimization means all the correction that is necessary to grow a blog.

Here is the full guide on SEO optimization that is how to optimize a blog.


The description is one of the important On-Page SEO. The description represents an overview of a post and you have to mention the overview of the blog in the Description.

As when your blog will show on Google Search Engine then the content below your website will be the description that you mention.

For Example, you can see the description of my website and you can understand how important it is.

Keyword Research 

The game of keywords is quite interesting you should know about it. Actually, people search for a keyword on Google, not the whole question. This is the best SEO optimization

For example, you make a search for SEO instead of Search Engine Optimization as SEO is short-term and can be easily written. Here SEO is a keyword. 

So always use to mention a keyword on your content so that when people search for the different results then Google can make visible your blog to. And use those Keywords relevant to posts and Keywords having low competition.

Now how to do Keyword Research ??

Now, after knowing the value of Keyword I’m sure that you are interested in How to do Keyword Research?  so let’s start it

You can perform Keyword Research easily but it will take some time and sometimes money too. There are a various online platform which will provide you Keyword Research option like
Ahrefs,  SEMrush, Ubbersuggest’s, etc.. are online platforms for Keyword Research. You can use any of them to rank your website.

SEO tool Ahrefs
Ahrefs tool

Quality Content 

Quality Content is one the most important part of SEO in fact your content is everything. You have heard the quote” Content is the King” which means a lot in Bogging. 

There will be no impact of SEO, backlinks, tags, description on your blog if your content is not proper or if your content quality is not good. As when people visit your blog then don’t like it and mark as spam or just dislike your blog and all sharing option ends here.

So, always write a quality content blog. It will improve your post ranking Gradually.

Blog Theme

The theme of a blog is also an important part of SEO. The theme of a blog means the looks of your blog. Always try to persuade your visitors or customers with the look of your blog and try to choose a suitable blog for your niche.

Always choose a better blog theme for your blog it creates an impressive impact on visitors of your blog and they prefer yo visit again and again to your blog.

If you are wondering for the best theme they stop at the moment just click on for The best blogger theme 2020

XML Sitemap 

It is a section in Google Search Console. You have to submit your XML sitemap in Google Search Console. 

There are 2 sitemaps XML and an HTML sitemap. An HTML site map’s for the visitor of your blog to walk through your blog easily whereas XML sitemap’s used for Google Crawlers ( google bots) to investigate all about your website or the blog.

This Google Crawler helps in increasing the ranking of a website on Google Search Engine.
Crawlers decide where your website stands on the Search Engine Page. So, submit it first otherwise you are going to lose your ranking.


A backlink is a link to your site from any other site. It’s the second step to getting heavy traffic on the blog after Quality content. A backlink’s used to attract visitors to other sites to your own site.

Do you know How to create backlinks? To create a backlink to your site you have to request for a backlink to those sites which have the same niches as you OR the blog which have some connection or relation with your blog. To make a request for a backlink you have to send a mail to the owner of that blogger and wait for their response.

While some backlinks are free and some were paid. Paid means that the owner of the site will charge money to create a backlink to your site. If you are new on blogger then first go for free backlinks.


Advertisement is a paid technique of getting traffic on your website. You will pay some other blogger, YouTuber, Social media Influencer to get traffic on the blog, and in return, they post an article or advertisement on their blog or youtube channel.

Social Media Sharing

It is a technique of getting traffic on the blog for free by sharing the content of your post on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Quora too.
From all these platforms you can get traffic and also makes your website popular.

Always mention the sharing icon below of your blog. This will help your visitors in sharing your article on any social media.

You can see in the picture of social media sharing options. Sometimes you also mention it on the left or right side but the left will be perfect.

SEO - Social Sharing
Social Sharing option

Improve Loading Speed 

Suppose visitors open your website and it took too long to open (as seconds matter here a lot) then suddenly visitors will go to other pages and this will create a bad impact on your website on Google. 

Everyone including you switches the page it takes too much time to load. So, improve your loading speed. It must be within a second. 

You can check the speed of your website on Google PageSpeed Insights.

SEO tools 

Here Are Some Best SEO Tools 

1– Ahrefs
 This tool used for multi-purpose like keyword research, keyword ranking, to get backlinks to your website.

2– UbberSuggest’s
This tool is used to get keywords ideas, top-ranking pages with certain keywords, backlinks, and many more things. This tool is free for 7 days trial after 7 days you have to pay.
And it belongs to Neil Patel.

This tool used for Organic Research, backlinks, Position tracking, and many more.

4-Google Analytics
This is a Google tool that used to measure and analyze the performance of your website..

5- Google Page Speed Insight
This tool is used to check the speed of your page. This is a very trusted to measure page loading speed and it must be above 70. So that visitor can go to your page easily without taking seconds as seconds matters here.

You can test your speed here. This was my page speed. But it is improved now.

SEO - Website Speed
Website Speed

6- Moz
This tool is used for Link Explorer.

This tool is used to detect the technical issues on your website.

8- Text optimizer
This tool is used to analyze content quality and its SEO.

9- Answer the public
This tool is used to discover those keywords which are trending.

10- Word Tracker
This tool is used for keyword research and to check SEO.

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