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Social media marketing? tips and strategy for social media Marketing

Here, is the complete guidance on Social Media Marketing. All the information is gathered on a single page. So, let’s begin.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing strategy. It is a technique of sharing content on social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…) and use of content in earning money. It is used to connect with the audience and make them aware of your brand.

Social Media Marketing is the simple, easy, and cheapest way among all other forms of digital marketing. And sometimes it also depends on the budget.

In Social Media Marketing, unique, relevant, and consistent content is shared on social site platforms. And which is further used in earning money and growing the business.

You can choose social media platforms depending on your strength and content. It may be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, signal, Reddit, etc…

Tips- Always choose your social media platforms wisely. Try to find out which platform is better for your content.

For example- If you want to share your content in the form of a short video then in the present time Instagram is perfect.

And if your content is in the form of a blog then Facebook and LinkedIn are best and so on.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Do you ever think why social media platform is popular to grow business? I know and I am going to make you understand in a simple and easy way. Here are the top reason for using social media marketing.

1- A huge number of users

You must know that, in today’s generation of the Internet, people are switching to blogs, YouTube, and Social site platforms for the latest updates or news. Now, they are not relying on TeleVision and Newspapers but on the content of blogs, YouTube, and Social Sites.

According to the latest updates, more than half of the World’s population use social sites. The number is near about 4.5 Billion and it’s a great opportunity for the social media marketer. Let’s imagine that you can be connected to all of them using social sites.

Social media have millions and millions of users. Here is the data of some countries with highest number of social media users.

Social Media PlatformActive Users Worldwide
Facebook2740 Million
What’s app2000 Million
Instagram 1221 Million
Telegram 500 Milion
Reddit430 Milion
Twitter353 Milion
Active users on Social Sites.

2- Social Media Marketing is a simple, easy to use, and cheapest method of digital marketing. It does not charge money for sharing content on its platforms.

3- Are you a blogger or YouTuber?

If yes then you already know the value of social sites. As social media is used to drive heavy traffic on a blog and YouTube. It is the best and free platform to grow traffic on a post or a channel.

4- Social Media makes a strong connection and communication with the customers. As a result it give you more and more leads in your business.

5- Social Media is the best platform for – Brand Awareness, Content Promotion, Advertisement, increasing the customer base, and increasing sales.

6- You believe it or not? but social sites are the fast and cheap way for distributing content over the Internet. Some people go viral within a day by using it and this is the power of social media.

Do you know?

On average, a person spent nearly 145 Minutes on social per day. Read more?

What is the Best Strategy for Social Media Marketing?

1- Set a Goal

You must hear a famous quote “Your goal describes your destiny”. Your goal, let your audience decide whether it is good to be with you or not.

If your goal is good, providing unique content and helping the audience then you, not automatically but gradually you become successful in your life because yours everything is depends upon the customers. So, always set a goal and work hard to achieve it.

2- Learn from your competitors

Try to analyze and learn from the competitors, like- what are they doing? what’s their strategy? What is their strength? and try to learn from your mistake. It will motivate you daily to do something better and something different.

3- Logo and Design

Don’t get confuse with logo and design. Believe me, if your logo and design is attractive then it also attracts audience.

For example- Suppose that you visit a site and find that it’s home page is really nice and fascinating and every thing is on the right place like – category section, blog, etc… then you think that the guy who designed this website is very intelligent and go for a blog’s post on the same site.

Now you can imagine the importance of design and logo too. So always design a unique and attractive logo and if you are not creative then pay for the logo.

4- Advertisement

This section is the best and fastest way to grow social media marketing. But it is not profitable for everyone and if you are a newbie then I will not suggest you this strategy and if you have a proper budget or money then you may go for it.

Run ad campaign to grow your business it may give a huge traffic and sale too.

You can pay to grow your followers on your social site platform. This will help you to grow fast as the max number of the audience comes to know about you in a short duration of time.

5- Create Engaging content

Try to create engaging content, so that your audience may take some interest in watching and reading the content. It motivates them to buy your companies product.

Do keyword research before creating the content. And try to find best keywords for the topic. By doing keyword research you will easily covers each and every aspects of the topic.

Use photos, infographics, quotes, etc… to make it attractive and informative.


6- Use of Analytic Tools

Use social media analytic tools. It will give information about the customers and audience like when the max number of audience is active, what they like the most, how much time they are spending on your channel or website, etc… And by using the social media analytic tool you can focus on your correct audience.

7- Use link shortener

Always use a link shortener before sharing it on a social site. A link shortener will save much of your space and it also looks attractive. When you use an actual link then it looks like a lengthy text which is usually neglected by the viewers.

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What are the tips for Social Media Marketing?

Tips plays an important role in every field that may be education, exam, marketing, business, health, etc… So it’s better to know some tips.

Here are is the most important tips on Social Media Marketing.

1- Do you want make your business and blog popular on social media ?

off course, why not? then create unique, relevant and consistent content and share it on social site.

Consistency towards something is the key to success so be consistent. If you follow URC (Unique, Relevant, Consistent) formula then no one is going to stop you to become successful either in blog or business.

2- In social media marketing, 2nd and popular tip is “increase engagement with the audience”. They must feel that there is a person behind this who is good, hard-working, and polite and they are not talking with a bot. So be responsive and talk with customers or the audience politely.

3- Always update the content and try to update your audience too. It creates a positive impact on the audience. They understand that the guy is working hard for themselves.

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