Web hosting and types? 5 Best web hosting for beginners

Before going on the main topic let’s understand what web hosting is ?

Web hosting is required to host your website’s data on the Internet. Web Hosting is like the Home for any website and domain name as the address.

If you are a blogger OR running a website then you must have to know about web hosting so that you can fix a problem in future if it occurs.

Sometimes problems is in web hosting but due lack of information and knowledge you couldn’t fix it. So it’s necessary to learn about web hosting.

There are several website over the Internet that provides web hosting in which some are free and some are paid. A web hosting is accessed by it’s domain name.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting means a space on web server to store the information of website and make it access world wide.

Space is also known as a web server that is used to publish any website information or content on the Internet. And without a web server or hosting anyone can not make a website online or on the Internet.

Every website needs some space to host their data on the Internet and web server provides such spaces and charges for that means, if you want space on the internet for your website then you have to pay for it to web servers.

The web server has multiple high tech computers which are online over the Internet 24 hrs. so that anyone from the World can access your website content whenever they needed.

Types of Web Hosting

1- Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is hosting in which your website is hosted on multiple servers. It means multiple servers provide services to a single website and hence increases the performance of the website.

Cloud hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting and you can configure the server according to the needs.

The main benefit of cloud hosting is that the downtime of any website is very less in cloud hosting. And the reason is that in cloud hosting every computer or server is connected with each other and in case of downtime the user is redirected to other servers.

2- Shared Hosting

A hosting in which a server is divides between multiple servers, means a single server is shared between multiple users and that’s the reason it is very cheap.

If you are a newbie in blogging and having monthly traffic less than 20,000 then you can easily use the shared hosting.

Such hosting are used for such websites which less traffic or newly formed. Price of such hosting is less than other hosting but you may suffer for downtime sometimes.

In Shared Hosting, the single server is used by multiple resources but it is easy to use and handle.

3- WordPress Hosting

The hosting in which WordPress’s websites runs faster OR having better performance.

It is like shared hosting with some extra services that helps WordPress sites to work faster and give better results than others.

The price of WordPress hosting is mostly similar with shared hosting but you can see some variation too.

4- VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. It is also known as private cloud.

In VPS hosting a server is divided in different parts to serve different websites.

It’s cost is between 25$ to 100$ per month.

5- Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting a server is given to you to host your website data. It will boost up your website speed.

Dedicated hosting means a hosting in which a system is allocated to you. It is very costly and if you are newbie then don’t go for it.

Such hosting is for big sites like amazon, flipkart, and many others which drive a heavy traffic in a month.

It may charge from 100$ to 300$ per month.

In dedicated you have control on whole system and you can optimize it according to your needs.

Performance of such hosting are very good and more reliable then any other hosting.

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Best Web Hostings

If you are a newbie in blogging then you must go for Shared Hosting as it is cheaper and provide best services.

It can easily handle traffic between 10,000 to 20,000 per month and when you notice that your site is getting more traffic then 20,000 then go for some other web hosting.

If you are an expert in blogging or your blog is driving heavy traffic then please don’t go for shared web hosting. Because the traffic may increase the downtime of your website OR it may crash whole websites.

If you arrange the dedicated, VPS and Shared hosting then you will find that the dedicated hosting is at the top then vps and then shared.

Let’s understand with an example- Suppose a dedicates hosting which 1 server now come on VPS which divided the dedicated hosting into few parts.

And a lot of different small servers to different websites. Users now come on shared hosting when you divide VPS hosting into more small parts then you get shared hosting.

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