What is Hacking? how to learn to hack?

What is Hacking?

Definition of Hacking – a process of gaining unauthorized access to any computer system. Hacking comprises the security of a system. It allows accessing the data or files of hacked systems without the User’s known.    


Hacking mainly done by teenagers to demand ransom and as an interest. It is because they think that they are capable of doing it.   If hacking is done by the order of the owner of the system then it is better and otherwise, you may suffer a lot.

Different countries have their different rules and regulation for unauthorized hacking. Punishment for hackers in USA is jail for 10 years for their first crime and if they repeat their crime then punishment increases twice.  

Types of Hackers

  1- White Hat Hackers.

2- Black Hat Hackers.

3-Grey Hat Hackers.  

White Hat Hackers

White Hat Hackers are known to be good hackers as they don’t break or compromise with someone’s system security until they are allowed and that’s why they are known as Ethical hackers.    

These Hackers has a lot of scopes as many companies need them as they search for the backdoors or loop wholes so that it can be corrected and the system stays safe again. For this work, multinational companies pay White Hat Hackers.  

Black Hat Hackers

 Black Hat Hackers are known to be bad hackers as they break or compromise with systems security to demand ransom or any personal issue like any old enmity.    

Learn hacking

It doesn’t have any official permission to break someone’s system security. They do so for financial gain and also to prove that they can do it and their salary depends on their works.

Grey Hat Hackers 

Grey Hat Hackers are the combination of Black Hat and White Hat Hackers. These Hackers find loop wholes and backdoor but don’t disclose it they inform the owner of the system so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.  

How to Learn to hack

  To learn How to hack you must have knowledge about programming language, network, database.    

1– You must have basic knowledge of Computer systems, OS, Language  

1– Learn Python Programming Language and Basics of Java. Python is simple and easier than other languages and it has a wide range of applications. It has a very simple syntax and the highest pre-defined libraries. It is versatile in nature and a scripting language.  

2– To learn to hack you must have knowledge about computer networks and databases. As all the system of the world is mainly connected to a network and have some data which is stored somewhere in the database and to know the location of stored data you have to study database.  

3– Use Linux Operating System. Linux is an open operating system and available for free on the Internet you can download it.  

4– Use Linux tools or hacking tools like John the ripper, Metasploit framework, Netcat, WireShark, Nmap, etc..   Never use your hacking skill against others always try to help others with these skills.

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