What is the Earning of Umer Qureshi blogger

If you are in the blogging field then you must hear the name “Umer Qureshi”.

Umer Qurshi is a blogger. He is 16 years old now and a public figure. He enters in blogging field at the age of 13.

Umer Qureshi is a blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.  

His blog’s name is Guide Blogging.

He belongs to Delhi, India. His monthly income is between 2000$ to 3000$. 

He also works on email marketing for hosting, themes and generates revenue of nearly 1M Rupees.


How he starts a blog 

His story is really interesting and full of motivation for everyone.

As we all have an eagerness to earn at a very little age and Umer Qureshi too.

On his birthday (13 April 2018) he asks for money from his father for the birthday party and his father gave him money for a birthday party.

But due to his passion for blogging, he spends his money on buying hosting and domain for his website and cancels birthday party. 

And finally, he started his first blog on WordPress.

In starting, he applies for AdSense approval but can’t get it due to less content. 

Then he closed his blog and create a new blog in Hindi but again due to less monetization he closed his second blog.

Now in April 2019 he started his blog Guide Blogging and starts posting content on it and gradually traffic of the blog increases and his earnings too.

But the point that should be noted is that he never stops trying.

Umer Qureshi’s blog –

The main blog of Umer Qureshi is Guideblogging. But he also used to runs many other micro niche websites like amazon affiliate and many more.

He is mostly inspired by Ankit Singla. Ankit Singla is in blogging for 10 years.

Ankit Singla blog name is Masterblogging. He started his blog in 2010. And in the present time, he is earning more 10,000$ per month.

He is also an inspiration and a public figure for many youths. As he is also a college dropout.

Income of Umer Qureshi

In starting, means before blogging he tried several ways to earn money online and he also works for that. 

He creates a YouTube channel and starts to post videos but can’t get any income.

In the present time, he is earning more than 3000$ per month. And he is a public figure and Entrepreneur.

Umer Qureshi has several sources of income like Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense.

Umer Qureshi also has several earnings platforms as he is famous now. He can earn by promoting someone’s blog, channel, content, etc…

He proved that Age is just a number and you can achieve all your achievements.

Achievement of Umer Qureshi

Now he is a blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur. Now he has near 10,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 40,000 followers on his Facebook page Guideblogging. Overall he is a public figure now.

Umer Qureshi is also featured in Indian express and Semrush also invites him too.

He decided to build his carrier in blogging and continuously working for it by giving several interviews, by growing his blog, and many more.

In the present time, his blog rank on Alexa is between 22K and 23K which is quite good for him. 

And his Alexa ranking is improving day by day. Now he a boy of millions.

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