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what is the need for Web hosting and the best web hosting

Here is the full guide for beginners on web hosting and best web hosting. So let’s begin

Why you need web hosting?

Yes, it’s a question that rise in the mind of every new blogger and sometimes experienced too.

Before understanding why we need we hosting let’s understand what is web hosting?

Web Hosting means a space on web server to store the information of website and make it access world wide.

Space is also known as a web server that used to publish any website information or content on the Internet and without a web server or hosting anyone can not make a website online or on the Internet.

Web Hosting needed to host a website on the internet and without hosting, you can’t do it means you can start a website without web hosting.

Let’s understand in easy way-

You want to create a website ?

To create a website you need a platform that is Internet. Now on Internet you need a place or address where you can put (or host) your website and its content and articles.

Everyone’s must familiar with Domain name.

A domain name is the address of a website and web hosting is the home.

Everyone on the Earth has their home with address. In home they live and address is used to find them in the same way web hosting is home for a website and domain name is the address.

When you search for domain name on the any search engine then the engine takes you to a website and you then you get able to access the information of the website.

Types of Web Hosting

1- Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means a hosting in which a system allocated to you.

In dedicated you have control on whole system and you can optimize it according to your needs.

Performance of such hosting are very good and more reliable then any other hosting.

2- Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a hosting in which your website is hosted on multiple servers, means multiple servers provide services to a single website and hence increases the performance of the website.

3- VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. It is also known as private cloud.

In VPS hosting a server is divided in different parts to serve different websites.

It’s cost is between 25$ to 100$ per month.

4- Shared Hosting

A hosting in which a server is divides between multiple servers, means a single server is shared between multiple users and that’s the reason it is very cheap.

If you are a newbie in blogging and having monthly traffic less than 20,000 then you can easily use the shared hosting.

5- WordPress Hosting

The hosting in which WordPress’s websites runs faster OR having better performance.

It is like shared hosting with some extra services that helps WordPress sites to work faster and give better results than others.

Best Web hosting provider

1- Siteground

2- Hostinger


4-A2 Hosting




8- Bigcommerce

9- Inmotion

10- Godaddy

Best Hosting for Beginner

If you are beginner in blogging and your website is very small means consist of 2 to 3 pages then I suggest you shared hosting.

You can buy it from hosttinger oor bluehost both gives you best services in low price.

It costs max 2.5$ to 3$ per month.

Best hosting for Moderate

Best Hosting for Moderate

If you want to renew your hosting and you have experience and traffci on your blog then I suggest you VPS hosting.

It can easily handle the traffic of your website.

It costs max 25$ to 80$ per month.

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Best Webhosting for Experts

Want to switch your hosting provider ?

If your website have high traffic per month then I suggest you Dedicated hosting.

In dedicated hosting a system is given to you which only manage your website, such website is for such website whose monthly traffic is 500K to 1M per month.

You can buy it from siteground. Siteground provide best services and 24 *7 help.

My suggestion to you is Wisely choose your hosting and don’t waste your money.

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