why blogging? 10 best benefits of blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging means adding new content and updating the content is known as blogging. The articles or posts you have written must be updated timely. 

In blogging, you can present your views, thoughts, emotion, knowledge and information related to any topics.

 Blogging contains a wide range of topics. In fact, you can choose any niche(topic) to write a blog that may be tech, food, fashion, travel, communication, speaking, writing, programming, economics, etc…

The content and article you post must be unique and not copyrighted otherwise your blog may be suspended and deleted. Always keep in mind the rules and regulations of blogging while writing and posting your articles.


In the modern generation of the Internet, blogging plays an important role. All the searches that you made on Google take you to a blog created by someone.

Do you want to know the Example of a blog? All the result that is shown when you search for a question on any Search Engine like Google, Bing, etc…

Why blogging is Important?

1- It is a platform where you can present your knowledge and anonymously too.

1- It can be your source of Income.

2- You can earn up to millions by making blogs and updating it regularly.

3- You can do it as a part-time job.

5- If you are able to improve your blog and if you are able into improving your blogs ranks on Search Engine then you can create your own company.

6- Blogging is simple work and easy to handle. A single person can handle it easily.

7- You will be Boss of your own and you don’t have to rely on others.

8- It doesn’t require any investment. All it needs is time and patience.

9- You can do it from anywhere in the part of the Worlds. You can enjoy your life to the fullest by doing it.


Wide range of platforms

10- Wide range of platform available in blogging and You can choose any one of them to write.

11- You can choose any niches like travel, blogging, study, writing, poems, food, games etc… to start blogging.

12- You don’t have any specified qualification to start blogging. A child with a small age of 8 years can start blogging if he/she is capable of.

13- No retirement age. You can keep it up to your death… Just for a joke. But it’s true you can continue it to the age you want.

14- If you like travelling then you can also start a travel blog on which you can post articles related to travelling OR you can post an article about the place you have visited recently and it’s important to visit.

15- It will make you master in a particular field gradually. When you post articles related to any topic then will get something new to know daily and it boost up your knowledge.

16- You can help other people by posting nice articles and by giving answers to their questions related to the topic you publish.

Benefits of having a blog

1- You can easily post your views to reach it in people or to make it popular.

2- You don’t have need of any other platforms to publish your views.

3- If you are getting high traffic and views on your blog then you can simply create another platform like YouTube and you can also give the link of your channel in your blog so that you don’t have to work hard for getting views on YouTube.

4- You can also improve your writing skills by posting articles.

5- You don’t have to join any office or company to do blogging, you can work from your home or anywhere you want and you can easily create a huge income with it.

6- You can create your audience with blogging. It can be 1 or 2 or Millions depends upon your work, article etc…

7- If you become successful in blogging then you can create a job for many other people who will work under you.

8- Many famous bloggers make their own brands through blogging and this opportunity is also open for you. You can create your own product and can sell it on your own blog.

9- In the blogging field, you will meet different persons, bloggers, a digital marketer with their help you can advertise your own product, brand, company. This will saves your huge money in advertisement.

10- You can publish your own book and content related to your niches. 

For example- If you are interested in traveling and you are writing on travel blog then you can publish your own book consisting of a beautiful place, photos, your experience in visiting the place, important places and many more things you can mention in your book and you can sell it on your blog too.

11- You can create a huge network of people who will be connected and related to blogging, marketing, freelancing, web development, email marketing, etc… And as a result, you don’t have to suffer from any other problem relating to blogging.

12- You can be a consultant and you can earn millions with it. When you work in blogging then gradually you got the experience and now you can guide new bloggers and you can also give them better advice.

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